Mayday Button – Amazon’s Own Help Desk for Kindle Fire HDX

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For some time now, people have been speculating when Amazon will release its next generation gadgets. Just last Tuesday, its loyal customers got the answer they wanted as the company introduced two tablets with high definition features. It may look and sound just like any other tablets from Apple or Google but this Amazon device comes with a unique help desk for its users.

Mayday Button - Amazon’s Own Help Desk for Kindle Fire HDX

Called the Kindle Fire HDX tablet, this new Amazon device features the new “Mayday Button”. It has an automatic video chat with Amazon’s representative from technical support to help users operate the tablet physically as well as remotely. According to the said company, this service is free for HDX users and is available 24/7 with a maximum response of only 15 seconds. The Amazon representative who will be assigned to help will not be able to see the user. Also, those who will avail the help desk’s services can move the chat box around depending on how they want it.

Mayday Button - Amazon’s Own Help Desk for Kindle Fire HDX


In terms of the features that encompass the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet, these are definitely better than what the previous model had. Technically speaking, it seems that this new gadget is specifically targeting Apple and the market of its own iPad units. There were two models split between the first which had 7 inches and the second which had 8.9 inches of screen. Both devices are available in 16GB, 32GB, as well as 64GB of internal storage. It will also sport Mojito, the latest operating system of Amazon’s Fire.

Although Amazon did not specifically say how many representatives did it train to support the Mayday Button, it is firm when it said that it prepared to hire more if the company needed it. Meanwhile, since the introduction of its new gadgets, Amazon will be selling the old versions of Kindle Fire HD at $139. The company is hoping that the bargain price can get them more market share from its rivals in the tablet technology. Both Apple and Samsung have the biggest sales when it comes to these kinds of products.

Mayday Button - Amazon’s Own Help Desk for Kindle Fire HDX 4

On the other hand, the 16GB Kindle Fire HDX will sell at a starting price of $229 to $379 depending on the physical size of the tablet. Pre-orders are available for those who want it but only for models with Wi-Fi connectivity. The smaller tablet will start shipping in October while the bigger one is not due until November of 2013. Also, for $100, customers can opt to buy tablets with the Wireless 4G version but this will not be available until later.

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