Android Device Manager: Remote Password Lock Is Now Possible

Jaycee De Guzman September 25, 2013 0


Last August, Google released its Android Device Manager which is a service that allows users to remotely locate their Android devices which may have been stolen or lost. Aside from that, users can also command it to ring or erase all data if it comes to the extreme of not being able to retrieve the device. Just recently, Google added another feature to that list.

Android Device Manager - Remote Password Lock Is Now Possible

For Android users who worry a lot about the data on their mobile phones and if it has the possibility of winding up in the hands of the wrong people, Google just updated its Android Device Manager to specifically erase that worry. Now, Android mobile phone users can lock their devices remotely if they have to. Through remote locking which is enabled in the new update, sending a new password to the device and securing it and all the data that comes with it is now possible. This feature is best to use to protect the device if it is lost or stolen.


It is very easy to incorporate this feature to Android smartphones. First, users should open the Android Device Manager in their mobile phones. Once done, they should check the option to enable them to remotely locate the device. Then, they should check another option to allow factory resetting. These are only the basic features that are included in the device manager. To include the recent upgrade, the user must browse the Android Device Manager site on a computer to scan their device. Three options will be displayed to the user: erase, ring or lock. If the user wants to send a new password to remotely lock their mobile phone, he or she should select to lock. Then, a screen will appear where the new password must be entered. After confirmation, the Android device will be locked and a keypad will display automatically where it will require the new password in accessing the mobile phone.

Android Device Manager - Remote Password Lock Is Now Possible

This new feature of Google’s Android Device Manager is a useful service for Android smartphone users who want the security that the data on their mobile phones cannot be easily accessed by anyone. This specifically suits travelers, business people and even students who store almost everything in their Android devices. So far, the remote lock by Google is working fine to Android devices. However, we doubt that this is going to be the company’s last innovation in securing both its products and consumers.

Android Device Manager - Remote Password Lock Is Now Possible

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