The Easter Egg Code for the Pixel Chromebook Finally Revealed

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

The “Easter Egg” is the egg that kids look for during Easter Sundays. But, in the computer world, Easter Egg does not literally mean an egg. It is a virtual codename used by computer companies for a freebie feature found in a computer or laptop. It has been accustomed by computer manufacturers to leave a special hidden message or extra feature that the user will have to discover. For the latest release of Google’s Chromebook, Pixel, many wonder what and how to find the Easter Egg. Google, at the same time, has confirmed that there has actually been one hidden in the new Pixel and here’s how to find it.

The Easter Egg Code for the Pixel Chromebook Finally Revealed

It’s good to know that Google has disclosed the steps how to enable the hidden feature. The company gave the exact keys to click to find the Easter Egg. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Chromebook, the Pixel’s lid and tap a few keys.
  2. Press Up Key twice.
  3. Press Down Key twice.
  4. Alternately press Left and Right keys (press the Left Key first).
  5. Press B.
  6. Press A.

It is the famous Easter Egg key that they call as the Konami Key. This feature is inspired by video games that became popular before the time of the Playstation and Nintendo. Its purpose was to hide secret codes, features and bonuses of a certain game.

Literally, this is just an additional feature to provide excitement and fun for the Chromebook users. It is just a simple presentation of LED lights on the screen of the Pixel. It shows the strips of LED lights on the screen that may look like dancing laser lights. According to reports, it’s fair enough for Google to offer a little entertainment to its users. But, it still can’t take away the fact that the dancing LED lights can’t justify the introductory price offering the market.

Pixel Chromebook has an eye bulging price of $169. A price claimed to be too high for a touch screen laptop. Since there are other leading brands that sell their devices at a lower price with the same features. However, Google’s Pixel is worth the chance after all the efforts being given by its creators. The Pixel was just released this month with expected reviews to come.

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