The HP Slate 7 HD: A Premium Audio Visual Delight

Jaycee De Guzman September 26, 2013 0
The HP Slate 7 HD: A Premium Audio Visual Delight


Some rewards of using a tablet include enjoying a 5-star view of photos, movies and applications; being able to create documents without the need for a PC; and having access to applications that work optimally with wide-screen tablets. Get all these perks and more with the new HP Slate 7 HD, a true-blue tablet that gives you all-around entertainment, at work, at home, at play.

The HP Slate 7 HD - A Premium Audio Visual Delight

On the Surface

The HP Slate 7 HD features a 7-inch (1280 x 800p) IPS touchscreen, which is complemented by its thin body structure. Unlike other “shiny” tablets, it has a matte backside that clings snugly to the palm. This minimizes the hazard of the tablet falling off from your grasp. At the top edge you’ll find the microphone, power button and rear camera, while the Micro-SD port and SIM port are located at the left edge. Only the volume buttons can be found on the right edge, while the stereo speakers, earphone jack and Micro-USB port are conveniently located at the bottom edge of the device.

The HP Slate 7 HD - A Premium Audio Visual Delight


Speed and Performance

Equipped with Marvell Dual-Core processor and 1 Gigabyte of RAM, the HP Slate 7 HD delivers acceptable speed for convenient app launching and switching. As a Jellybean tablet, it also works well with HD games that require more RAM and processing power. You will have a lot of space for photos, music, videos and apps with its 8 Gigabyte internal memory, which you can extend up to 32 Gigabyte through a Micro-SD card.

Image and Sound Quality

The HP Slate 7 HD makes the most out of its 7-inch IPS display by being able to play HD videos without any lag. With a fast internet connection, it also streams HD videos without much wait. Its Beats Audio enhanced stereo speakers add up the experience, giving you almost-cinematic sound when playing movies or listening to music alone.

The HP Slate 7 HD - A Premium Audio Visual Delight

Our Recommendation

The HP Slate 7 HD also comes in a 10-inch tablet or also known as the HP Slate 10 HD. Both has the same features, but if you prefer better portability and more comfortable one-hand grip, then the 7-inch version should suffice. The HP Slate 7 HD may not come with trend-setting features and design, but it is well-equipped inside and out to give you hours of mobile entertainment and productivity. Again, it’s wiser to pay only for the things you can actually use.

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