Tesco Bravely Enters the Tablet War With Hudl

Jaycee De Guzman September 26, 2013 1
Tesco Bravely Enters the Tablet War With Hudl


Tesco ranks as the second largest retailer in the world in terms of profit. But instead of opening more stores or starting a nationwide campaign to overtake Wal-Mart as the grocery store of choice, the company decided to launch a tablet of its own, an unlikely move that surprised the retail and mobile industry. As its first tablet offering, it will launch the Tesco Hudl on September 30, 2013. The low-range tablet will cost around £119 ($160).

Tesco Bravely Enters the Tablet War With Hudl

According to the retail giant, the Tesco Hudl was created because a huge percentage of households in the United Kingdom does not own a tablet, a device that is becoming more important by the day. Most people, especially older ones, say that owning a tablet is expensive and not practical, while some are a bit anxious about the said technology. This is what Tesco wants to change.

More Than Just a Cheap Tablet

At a first look, the Tesco Hudl looks like a usual low-cost tablet, especially with its generic design structure and platicky feel. However, it redeems itself by providing a rather smooth experience with its 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor, 16 GB internal memory and Android 4.2.2 OS (Jellybean). These internal attributes make the Tesco Hudl an acceptably speedy tablet for a variety of purposes.

Tesco Bravely Enters the Tablet War With Hudl


Family members will have more reasons to huddle together because the Tesco Hudl also offers a good visual experience with its scratch-resistant HD touchscreen, which can vividly display movies and pictures. It is also equipped with a camera at the rear and front, perfect for taking pictures as well as video calls.

What the Tesco Hudl Has in Store

Tesco already has an online store that works just like eBay and Amazon. Learning from the latter, Tesco could well be using its startup Hudl tablet to bring its products closer to millions of potential customers. According to a research, a significant number of Android Kindle tablets contributed a huge amount of purchases to Amazon through transactions done straight from the electronic device. Analysts say that this is one of the obvious motives of Tesco in releasing its first line of Android tablet.

Tesco Bravely Enters the Tablet War With Hudl

Whether or not these speculations are true, the fact that the Tesco Hudl is packed with a lot of good features found in both mid-range and top-of-the-line tablets only means that the company means business. According to Tesco, more advanced tablets will follow after Hudl, so it must be planning to be a strong contender in the tablet arena.

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