No More BlackBerry Stocks in T-Mobile Stores – Purchase by Request

Jaycee De Guzman September 26, 2013 0


It is not surprising to see the decline of BlackBerry phones in terms of sales and market share. The once-dominant smartphone company has been observed to be falling down rapidly with successive failures to grab enough attention with its releasing of new devices. The company even ventured into the tablet industry but failed with the BlackBerry Playbook. Since smartphones from the BlackBerry company have not effectively enticed consumers, the fourth-biggest mobile carrier in the US announced on Wednesday (September 26) that they will no longer stock the said company’s units in their stores.

No More BlackBerry Stocks in T-Mobile Stores - Purchase by Request

Cleaning up Some Space: Display Units Only Left for BlackBerry

According to an executive vice president of T-Mobile, their retail store will no longer stock BlackBerry units but instead display only single units for those customers who want to see an actual BlackBerry smartphone. The company has observed that there is no more high demand for BlackBerry devices from their customers so they decided to cut its stocks of the said brand. However, T-Mobile will still continue to sell BlackBerry smartphones but on a request-basis only. Buyers can request for smartphones from the said manufacturer but it will only be available thru shipping starting soon. This move by T-Mobile is a continuing effort to improve their retail channels by cleaning up ‘inefficient’ stocks and boosting other brands that have high demands from their clients. Old stocks in retail stores will still remain but if in case it runs out, customers may order on the company’s official website.


No More BlackBerry Stocks in T-Mobile Stores - Purchase by Request

Sliding BlackBerry Company to Be Sold Soon

Over the past years, BlackBerry has seen its sales and market share decline rapidly with the rise of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS smartphones. Smartphone newcomer Microsoft even rose past BlackBerry in terms of market share with its recent release of Windows 8 mobile phones. The company’s continuous declining status has forced its owners to sell the company into a consortium headed by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. A final agreement is said to be made on November 4 where existing stockholders will receive $9 of each BlackBerry share they have. This privatization deal has been chosen to keep the company surviving. At present, Fairfax owns about 10 percent of the company’s common shares. The sellout idea came from a special committee which aims to seek business alternatives for the company. This led to the approval of Fairfax’s intent to buy the struggling company.

No More BlackBerry Stocks in T-Mobile Stores - Purchase by Request

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