Mozilla’s Firefox OS Ready to Conquer the World Before the Year 2014

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

Apple has iOs, Google has Android, now it’s time for Mozilla’s Firefox OS. It is the latest operating system to be out in the market early this year. The operating system is set to cater mobile devices with partner mobile operators. Will this be a challenge to the giants like Apple and Google? This question will only be answered once the software is tested and proved that it deserves the trust of the consumers.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS Ready to Conquer the World Before the Year 2014

Mozilla is promising the world that the Firefox OS is a user-friendly system that will use HTML5. The other systems, like Google and Apple, appear to be more complicated according to the company. According to Mozilla, the system can operate in various devices that will not need any higher hardware requirements. Mozilla said that this innovation came up since it has been observed that most of the smartphones these days require high-end requirements to work faster and without lag.

At the same time, the Firefox OS software has its own application store. In that case, users will not have any problem with the compatibility of the applications. Firefox Marketplace is the official name of the store. Users can buy any application they want and can also sell applications online to co-users. Leading brands have signed up with Mozilla to carry its system. To name a few, ZTE, LG and Huawei have committed to the system.

Anyone knowledgeable with web programming can create their own applications for the Firefox OS uses the HTML5 web type of service, unlike Google and Apple’s systems. Mozilla is in a very tough battle with the leading brand, Samsung, and the brand that started it all –iPhone. Samsung conquered seventy percent of the smartphone industry in the latter part of 2012. Meanwhile, Apple even considered it as a challenge with Samsung, which barely acquired a twenty one percent share in the industry.

Mozilla is set to conquer other parts of the world. It will invade Latin America, Asia, Europe and of course, America. At the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla confirmed that devices running the system will be available summer of this year. Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Serbia, Poland and Columbia are the first countries to experience using the smartphones equipped with the Mozilla system.  Even Telefonica will dispose a mobile phone running the system for $100 in wholesale. The phones will be available depending on the users’ preference, whether it is pre-paid or a package that has a contract. Firefox is expected to be all over the world by 2014.

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