Sprint Vs. T-Mobile: Who’s the Better Carrier for a Phone Upgrade?

Jaycee De Guzman September 26, 2013 0
Sprint Vs. T-Mobile: Who’s the Better Carrier for a Phone Upgrade?


Competition among wireless carriers begin to heat up as they launch different phone upgrade plans together with tech giants’ release of different new smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and S4. T-Mobile and Sprint are currently ranked as the top 3 and 4 mobile carriers in the US, respectively. They are expected to offer impressive deals as they are aiming to snatch out customers from the dominant AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Two upgrade plans from Sprint and T-Mobile are tightly offering good deals that enable consumers to trade in their devices for newer ones while continuing their monthly payments. Each deals has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the consumers’ needs and desires. Here are some important points to consider in choosing the right plan.

Sprint Vs. T-Mobile: Who’s the Better Carrier for a Phone Upgrade?

Whose Offer Is Cheaper and Has More Features?

T-Mobile is offering the “Jump!” deal while Sprint named its upgrade promo as “One Up”. An estimate of $1,192 payment for twelve months subscription for the One Up plan is listed for an iPhone 5S upgrade. Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s Jump! plan can cost for about $1,420 for a year. Although T-Mobile has the pricier plan, they are arguing that it offers the better deal since their upgrade plan also acts as an insurance for the device. Plus, 2 gigabytes worth of data tethering is also included for the smartphone. Meanwhile, Sprint’s upgrade plan needs to have add-ons to avail of the said features.


Who Has the Wider Wireless Coverage?

This is one of the most important things to consider in choosing an upgrade plan. Every carrier has its weak and strong signals varying on the location of the customer. You cannot enjoy the features of your plan and new phone if you cannot establish a stable signal. Sprint has wider coverage when it comes to LTE. It has reached 185 markets while T-Mobile only reached 154 markets. However, T-Mobile seems to be stronger at bigger cities such as San Francisco and New York while Sprint is struggling with busier places.

Sprint Vs. T-Mobile: Who’s the Better Carrier for a Phone Upgrade?

The Verdict

It is a neck-to-neck battle between these two carriers. However, each plan will suit a consumer depending on his needs. T-Mobile is offering a nice deal when it comes to your device being able to do tethering while Sprint is pretty much good for those people who are huge data consumers needing LTE. Both carriers have their weakness and strengths so the decision is up to the customers.

Are you a Sprint or a T-Mobile fan?

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