Firefox OS Is Confident That It Can Level With Apple and Google

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla, confirmed that Mozilla Firefox OS powered phones will be available in the U.S. come 2014. In Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress, Mozilla also confirmed that Firefox OS phones will be available in nine countries outside the US and more in the coming months. This is the first attempt of Mozilla to launch an operating system that will cater leading brands of mobile devices. There has already been a number of brands that agreed to partner with Mozilla, namely LG and Alcatel. This operating system is taking its first baby steps in the world of Android.

Firefox OS Is Confident That It Can Level With Apple and Google

A statement from Mozilla said that countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Colombia, Hungary, and Mexico will have the privilege to experience the new Firefox OS phones first. The handset brands of ZTE and LG will be the first to release in these countries. Huawei will also release their devices with the operating system very soon. Mozilla mentioned two brands that will carry the operating system. One of the two is the Alcatel One Touch Fire. It already provided public information about the devices that carry the system. Another one is the ZTE Fire. Sprint of USA has confirmed its support but was not present at that time. Expected consecutive reviews will come out for the new operating system as it is considered the freshest in its line-up.

Users of the Firefox OS need not to worry if there will be problems with application compatibility.  Mozilla seems to be ready to face the world, since it also launched its own application store, the Firefox Marketplace. It’s the application store we can compare to the ones about Apple and Google. Applications like Accuweather, EA and Twitter are some of the applications mentioned during the launch. At the same time, users can also buy applications outside the Firefox Marketplace. Though having mentioned this, users can be unsafe and an easy target for malware or cyber-attacks. But, Mozilla has promised to provide their consumers the exact security applications to ensure the privacy and safety of the users.

Kovacs was very informative during the launch but somewhat went out of control. He emphasized that the internet is not supposed to be controlled by just one or two companies. He was clearly pointed out to larger companies dominating the operating system industry in today’s time. It was confirmed that he was pertaining to Apple and Google. Apart from that, a lot is being expected from the newcomer, Firefox OS, after all its promotions.

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