Blackberry 10 Launched: Will it Spare the Rim?

Jasmina Lozevska February 1, 2013 0

After much delay, Research in Motion has finally launched its newest smartphone lineup called Blackberry 10. But beside the news about the smartphones and the new OS, RIM has also announced that from now on, the company’s official name would be Blackberry.

At a special event that happened in New York City, Blackberry unveiled its latest smartphone lineup that will operate its own OS, also named Blackberry 10. Thorsten Heins, Blackberry’s CEO, said it was an important day for the history of the company.

The new mobile software will be featured in new Blackberry 10 smartphones and has nothing to do with its predecessor, Blackberry 7. It was created to be used on touchscreens and it reminds of iOS and Android. However, Blackberry stated other OS were already old-fashioned and their new software will bring new features and will make a difference. Blackberry promised the new OS will bring some changes in the ordinary smartphone experience.


Blackberry expects and hopes the new software and smartphones to get them back in the race with giant manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. But, many people will probably wonder whether the new software will get the sufficient amount of apps and whether it will reach the success of the other platforms. Blackberry ensured its customers that basic apps like Facebook, Skype and Twitter are going to be available in their store very soon, but also added that their platform is going to offer more apps on one day than any other OS.


US carriers haven’t announced any release date yet. Blackberry seems optimistic, but the truth is, every major carrier has always announced release dates before the official launch of every new competitive smartphone by Apple and Samsung. US carriers do not look very excited about it and Blackberry seems very enthusiastic. Who should we believe?

Anyways, only time will determine which predictions will turn out to be right.

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