Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

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Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1


It is only recently when Amazon unveiled its new Kindle Fire HDX which is its third generation tablet. According to the company, it will be a powerful gadget ready to take on rival companies such as Apple and Samsung. Speaking of which, Samsung, on the other hand, also just introduced the new Galaxy 10.1 which will be a multitasking tablet with an innovated focus to cater the interests of its consumers.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Build and Design

It is a good thing that the Kindle Fire HDX has a slicker design than its predecessor. It is lightweight and has a touch system. The glass display of the device is where the touch screen layer has been integrated to achieve easier carrying from one place to another. Also, the body is formed from forming a shell from magnesium, glass and nylon. Dimension-wise, this tablet measures 231 X 158 X 7.8mm and weighs not more than 400g.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 has a leather cover on its back which adds a premium feel to the product. Also, the leather cover has a stitched design where it appears that the entire rectangle was crafted by hand. It provides style and protection for the said tablet against scratches from external factors. Dimension-wise, this tablet measures 71.4 X 7.9mm and weighs 535g.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Display Features

The Kindle Fire HDX has a screen display of 2560 x 1600 high resolution. The pixel density comes at 339ppi while there is a 100% RGB when it comes to displaying color. This is great for viewing images and doing simple tasks such as surfing the internet and typing.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is featuring a 10.1 inches of screen size.  It comes with a WQXGA super clear LCD with a default screen resolution of 2560 x 1600. This is where the multitasking feature is going to happen wherein users can run multiple applications. This is also where users can use the S Pen to navigate their tablet in a new way. Battery life can reach up to 12 to 18 hours depending on use.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

General Hardware

The processor that will be used by the Kindle Fire HDX is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core processor. It will come with 2GB of RAM size with the option to increase internal storage through 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory cards. In terms of the available ports, Amazon has not yet released information about the matter.


The Samsung Galaxy 10.1, on the other hand, has two separate processors for two separate models. The the 3G or Wi-Fi model will sport a 1.9GHz Octa-core processor while the LTE model will have a 2.3GHz Quad-core processor. This tablet will also come with 3GB of RAM while a MicroSD port can let users increase this space through 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB memory card. It will also have the regular Li-ion 8,220mAh battery. In terms of the ports, this will have a MicroUSB, MicroSIM tray, MicroSD, audio jack and S Pen slot along the sides.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

Operating System and Multimedia

The operating system that will run the Kindle Fire HDX is going to be Amazon’s own Fire OS 3.0 which is also code named Mojito. It will also feature a 720p HD camera at the front and an 8MP camera at the back. There will also be Dolby-powered audio and dual stereo speakers. Additional features include Screen Reader, Screen Magnifier, Explore by Touch and Mayday Button which is a 24/7 help service provided by Amazon.

The Galaxy 10.1 by Samsung, alternatively, will take on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. Furthermore, it will have an 8MP camera at the back with BSI sensor, Auto Focus, LED Flash and Zero Shutter Lag. Also, there will be a 2MP camera facing the front. Additional features include Action Memo, Screen Writer, Scrapbooker, Pen Window for S Pen, Multi Window for multitasking and KNOX for better security.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1


The Kindle Fire HDX and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 are just introduced to the market and there are still things that we don’t know about them. This initial comparative review will help customers choose whether they want the Amazon or Samsung product. Considering the prices, the Kindle Fore HDX will start selling at $379 in November while the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 will be available to different network carriers in the US although there is no official price yet. Experts are assuming that it will be more expensive.

In terms of the display, it seems that the Kindle’s rear camera gave it more confidence in being able to match its competitions. Although Samsung still has better touch response and upgraded functions, the Kindle wasn’t really that bad. If customers are looking to replace their old tablets, the Galaxy 10.1 is definitely the one to check out. Unless these are budget conscious customers, then the Fire HDX will be a reasonable choice.

Comparative Review: Kindle Fire HDX Versus Samsung Galaxy 10.1

And so, given these factors, where would you want to spend your money on?

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