Google Glass V2 Is Expected to Offer More Than Expected of The Glass V1

Jaycee De Guzman February 24, 2013 0


Google Glass V2 is already under development after the release of Google Glass. Google Glass had very extraordinary features and was released in a limited number of stocks only. The inventions take a leap in technology enticing the corporate and the world of technology. Not long after its release, many have been speculating what the next version of Glass can offer. The lead inventor of the Project Glass, Sergey Brin, is now in the middle of working on the additional features of the next Google Glass.

Google Glass V2 Is Expected to Offer More Than Expected of The Glass V1

The next Google Glass, namely Google Glass V2, will provide a heads up display. It will still formulate an augmented reality in the user’s vision. The one that was featured in the first version of Google Glass was already more than thumbs up. The next version is expected to have the same, if possible, a better type of feature. This feature requires a very detailed study of each factor. It needs very sensitive and accurate adjustments with the user’s head size and symmetry. There has to be an exact alignment of exactly two images that will also have to synchronize with the movement of the head. This feature is what they call binocular stereo imaging. At the same time, small details like temperature and laser and mechanical systems for large varieties are required to have a reliable alignment. This will provide an excellent augmented reality experience for all the users, just like the ones used in 2D interfaces.


There are also factors that need to be improved for Google Glass V2. Random tests are being done as of the moment, like a simple touch on the side can cause the device to shut down which could be bothering for some. The current version of Google Glass has a detachable sunglasses feature, which they can revise into corrective glasses in the future to become more useful. The next Glass could also feature that may assist people with hearing problems. This feature is possible; knowing that sound in the Glass is transmitted through bone conduction and not by a normal earpiece.

Overall, the Glass has a very sleek and descent design that anyone would like to wear it. It just made wearing a gear on top pleasing to the eye knowing that it is the Glass and because higher expectations are waiting for Google Glass V2. The Glass is usually on top of the technology headline since its release than the iWatch that is not even available in the market yet. People in our time are very interested and willing to be up-to-date all the time when it comes to augmented reality devices. The Glass has a price tag of $1,500, which people are willing to buy.

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