iBeacon Brings You an Interactive Gaming Experience

Jaycee De Guzman September 27, 2013 0
iBeacon Brings You an Interactive Gaming Experience


The Major League Baseball (MLB) is currently doing efforts to make live audience’s attendance to their games more interactive. These on-going works are also aiming to entice the audience to watch their games live instead from their homes. The league has an app called “At the Ballpark” currently available with iOS 7 run devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods. Together with Apple, the MLB is targeting to take advantage of the popular iOS 7’s iBeacon indoor locator for every baseball fan who will attend their games at any of their playing stadiums nationwide.

iBeacon Brings You an Interactive Gaming Experience

MLB to Use Apple’s iBeacon Instead of GPS Navigator Inside Stadiums

The GPS navigation scheme seems to hardly work especially when used indoors so the MLB is searching other ways to customize the app enabling their audience to use it even inside the stadium. However, the league has found a solution with Apple iOS 7’s iBeacon and Bluetooth features. According to them, they are working closely with Apple to make the perfect fix for the GPS issue inside the stadium. The app will still use GPS but will only be needed when users navigate going to the stadium location.


App Revamp to Make New Game Viewing Experience and Other Features

The league is basically aiming to create micro-locations inside its stadiums to provide spectators with new and different experiences. The free app will enable users to see relevant information about the upcoming match as they head toward the stadium. As the user nears the entrance of the stadium premises, the app will automatically display the ticket’s barcode together with a map that will locate the seat where the user should go. The app will also pull tickets up that are purchased online through MLB ticketing partners and those that are loaded in the Apple Passbook.

iBeacon Brings You an Interactive Gaming Experience

More Info to Be Shown by the App

Aside from the features said above, the improved app will also give game attendees different information about teams. For example, the app will give information a team’s history while the user is watching the game live. This will help those spectators who are not really baseball fans to know more about their favorite team. In addition to that, frequent use of the app and multiple game attendance of users will give them rewards such as free soda and hotdog.

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