How About Syncing Your Phone With Your Car? Ford Acquires Livio

Jaycee De Guzman September 27, 2013 0
How About Syncing Your Phone With Your Car? Ford Acquires Livio


Ford is really working hard to achieve the ability of bringing users’ content into their vehicles through their smartphones. The popular American car company has announced that they have already acquired Livio, a company based in Ferndale known for developing in-vehicle connectivity software. The acquisition of the software company is part of Ford Motor Co.’s efforts to standardize vehicle-to-smartphone communications in the automotive industry. From now on, the Livio company will be a part of Ford’s electrical and electronics systems engineering division.

How About Syncing Your Phone With Your Car? Ford Acquires Livio

Livio Acquisition to Create Standard System for Vehicle

The Ford company acquired Livio for $10 million and aims to use the company’s stellar software-based solutions that will enable users to bring their content from their mobile phones to their cars. The company has already started making efforts in producing in-vehicle computer features such as MyFord Touch and Sync voice commands control. In addition to that, researchers also forecast that by 2018, about 21 million cars will be able to have systems that will integrate mobile phones in them. Last year, only 1.9 million cars are able to do this. The acquisition of Livio by Ford is a signal that they are also aiming to create a standard way of in-vehicle connectivity for smartphones. As of today, car manufacturers use various kinds of software in their products causing app developers to have a hard time getting their works into different cars. Livio CEO Jake Sigal is thinking positive about the outcome of their work with Ford. The deal with Livio is Ford’s first buyout of a tech company since year 2000.


How About Syncing Your Phone With Your Car? Ford Acquires Livio

Young Yet Impressive Background Behind Livio

Livio was founded in 2008. The company is basically formed out of a $10,000 loan from its founder and CEO’s parents. During its first years, the company started selling WiFi Internet radios for homes but eventually decided to concentrate on the automotive industry. Before the acquisition, Livio is selling products such as internet apps for Android and iOS phones, Bluetooth internet kits for vehicles and other devices that enable motorists to listen to the Internet radio from their automobiles. The company had its first major contract with a car manufacturer last year when they made software for General Motors Co. that enables their cars to have mobile apps in its systems.

Are you looking forward to sync your smartphone content with your car?

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