iOS 7 Bug Fix Released in a New Software Update from Apple

Jaycee De Guzman September 27, 2013 0
iOS 7 Bug Fix Released in a New Software Update from Apple


The Apple iOS 7 has broken records few days after its official release last September 18. However, users quickly discovered a flaw included in the software update. The bug basically allowed people to bypass its lock screen even without entering the pass code. This enables the unauthorized person to see recently opened applications, view and share images and make calls. As a solution for the issue, Apple has released an update of iOS 7 which basically fixes the bug and assures users of security for their phone and its contents.

iOS 7 Bug Fix Released in a New Software Update From Apple

iOS 7.0.2 Update Fixed Issues and Added Features

This is already the second fix Apple has released for the iOS 7. The first was the iOS 7.0.1 update that responded to complaints about the Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner. iPhone 5s users have experienced difficulties in using the new feature of their phones especially in purchasing items at the iTunes store. Meanwhile, the iOS 7.0.2 is expected to fix the serious security flaw discovered by some users regarding the system’s lock screen. Unauthorized persons can by-pass iOS 7 lock screens by sliding up the revamped control center and with a perfect timing for pressing a short button combination. Some users also claimed that they were able to use Twitter and Facebook and as well as able to access text messages after the lock screen by-pass. This raised a huge security issue among iOS users so Apple immediately worked on this bug. There are more than 200 million devices already running on iOS 7 during its first week and statistics show that the adoption rate for iOS 7 surpassed iOS 6 at 47 percent.


For those who are still not on iOS 7, you can have it by accessing your devices’ settings menu and looking for the “General” menu. Just tap on the “Software Update” button. You can also upgrade through the iTunes app on your computer if you desire.

iOS 7 Bug Fix Released in a New Software Update From Apple

iOS 6 Downgrade Already Not Possible

For some reasons, some people just don’t find iOS 7 very exciting and useful. Sadly, Apple has already discontinued iOS 6 installers so iOS 7 users cannot downgrade their devices back. However, Apple is continuously working out improvements for the iOS 7 so users can look forward to developments soon.

Are you satisfied with your iOS 7 update? Let us know more about your experience.

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