Analyst Firm Declares: BlackBerry Now Bound to Be Over Soon

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
Analyst Firm Declares: BlackBerry Now Bound to Be Over Soon


The once strong mobile phone manufacturer BlackBerry is now set to vanish in the smartphone battle arena.

According to an upcoming report from an analyst firm, Blackberry’s game will soon be over and recommended that IT shops should quickly seek alternatives for the rapidly-dying smartphone and a software company. The analyst firm also estimated that within six months from now, people around the globe will see a disappointing end of the BlackBerry legacy. The company was once known as one of the most dominant makers of enterprise management servers and smartphones.

Analyst Firm Declares: BlackBerry Now Bound to Be Over Soon

Big Profit Losses, Company Sellout and Worker Lay Offs Signal End

Within the past weeks, the public have already seen signs that BlackBerry is suffering a severe crisis. The company already announced to the public that it is expecting $965 million loss for the second quarter of the year behind the slow sales response from its flagship Z10 smartphone. The flagship mobile phone supposedly became the answer and the hope of the struggling company but failed to deliver favorable sales results. Aside from the Z10 failure, the company also announced that it is laying off about 4,500 employees from its 12,500 workers. Few days ago, BlackBerry also publicized its plans of selling the company out to one of its investors, the Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings for about 4.7 billion dollars. Because of these indicators, reputable analyst firm Gartner will issue a report soon recommending IT shops and companies to immediately find alternatives for BlackBerry.


Analyst Firm Declares: BlackBerry Now Bound to Be Over Soon

Large Companies Already Started Even Before the Gartner Report

The trend of migrating from BlackBerry products to some alternatives is already trending in some big companies since last year. This also included some government agencies in the US. Some companies already found alternatives such as Apple iPads and iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones to replace their BlackBerry devices. Aside from that, a notable number of companies have already started abandoning their BlackBerry software products. Establishments offering BlackBerry alternatives have already been increasing because of the trend. These establishments already started selling Mobile Application Management software and Mobile Device Management solutions. One of the main reasons blamed by analysts causing BlackBerry’s deteriorating state is its failure to keep up with iOS devices and Android smartphones when it comes to innovation and features. The company also held on its proprietary mobile OS.

Are you affected by BlackBerry’s nearing extinction?

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