Doctor Says Apple iOS 7 Can Cause Sickness to Its Users

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
Doctor Says Apple iOS 7 Can Cause Sickness to Its Users


It looks like a rotting apple is being discovered now.

Apple’s new device platform just got record-breaking response from users. People are pretty much excited about updating their Apple devices with the new iOS 7 platform. As a matter of fact, the new iOS 7 even toppled iOS 6’s adoption rate easily. The update is a major revamp for Apple devices since it offers different new features. These includes a major overhaul of Apple devices’ look and interface together with some fancy digital effects and animations. However, it seems like the hit update just got some nauseous effects to its users according to some reports.

Doctor Says Apple iOS 7 Can Cause Sickness to Its Users

iOS 7 Users Complain Nausea and Headache

Although a lot of people were excited about iOS 7’s improvements especially on animation and effects, some users complain about those features. A user wrote on one of Apple’s support forums that the zoom animations of the new iOS 7 makes her nauseous and giving her headache every time she uses her phone. Some also complain of carsickness caused by looking at the zoom animations of the said platform. An unhappy user also said that he just closes away his eyes every time he closes or opens an app to prevent seeing the zoom effects brought by iOS 7.


Doctor Supports the Complaints; Confirms Case

A doctor from UH Medical Center located in Ohio confirmed that the iOS 7 can be a possible suspect in causing carsickness to its users. Dr. George Kikano, a division chief of the said hospital stated that some people are really susceptible to this condition. The zoom animations or technically categorized as ‘parallax’ features of the iOS 7 can trigger the said sickness. Zoom animations cause the interface background to move back and forth just like the experience of watching a movie at an iMax theater and some people are just weak at responding to them.

Doctor Says Apple iOS 7 Can Cause Sickness to Its Users

How to Reduce Zoom Animation Features on iOS 7

Users can reduce the effects of zoom animations on their Apple devices if they wish to. By going to the settings menu of the device and turning down its motion features, users can get rid of the nauseous effects the iOS 7 is causing. This will reduce the parallax effect that causes the sickness.

Are you getting nauseous too? Tell us your experience with the new iOS 7 platform.

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