FCC Ruling Orders Bloomberg Channel Change in Comcast Cable Service

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0


Have you ever wondered why a news channel like Bloomberg is placed away from other channels with the same nature? A lot of TV viewers are having a hard time finding Bloomberg TV news since it is placed in a distant channel away from other new organizations especially in TV sets powered by Comcast cable services. However, in a recently released ruling from the Federal Communications Commission, 22 million subscribers of Comcast may now find Bloomberg TV in a new channel that will be lined up together with its news peers.

FCC Ruling Orders Bloomberg Channel Change in Comcast Cable Service

FCC Decision, Positive News for Bloomberg New

The FCC ruling will require Comcast to place Bloomberg TV in a channel that will be near its news peers especially in the biggest cities being served by the cable service company. The decision from FCC is good news for Bloomberg who is fighting for a decent channel placing in Comcast cable TVs for a long time. However, it is a setback for the cable service company who also owns one of Bloomberg’s popular rivals, the CNBC business news channel. News channels placed at the far end of the cable lineup somehow loses audience. While channels at the mid and starting lineup gain more audience. For example, Comcast places CNBC at channel 39 in Washington where it gains a lot of audience because of a relatively nice channel placing while Bloomberg is at channel 103, far away in the lineup, which causes viewers to settle for other news channels. Comcast been observed frequently favoring their own news channels compared to others that’s why we can conclude that cable service companies and their ability for channel placing is really powerful. They can even make or break a news channel according to their preferences.


FCC Ruling Orders Bloomberg Channel Change in Comcast Cable Service

Other News Channel May Follow After Significant Ruling

The ruling from FCC is an eye-opener to other news channels that are placed at the far ends of a cable lineup. Analysts said that the decision might lead other news channel organizations to challenge other cable service companies to play fair. The new Al Jazeera America news channel can be considered as potential one that might be challenging other cable companies. However, this might be a good news for news organizations who are continually fighting for fair play in the TV medium.

Are you happy with the FCC decision? Or are you already used to Bloomberg’s old channel placing?

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