Google Might Face Sanctions in France With Privacy Violations

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
Google Might Face Sanctions in France With Privacy Violations


A French privacy agency said on Friday, September 27, that it is planning to file sanction charges against Google for its alleged violation of privacy right in France. CNIL have already demanded privacy policy modifications to Google but according to them, the search giant refused to implement them. Although the hundreds of thousands worth of fine for Google is like a chickenfeed, this could further cause negative effects to the relationship of the tech company with the European region because of its reported damages to the privacy rights existing in the said place.

Google Might Face Sanctions in France With Privacy Violations

Google Denies Privacy Violations; Says It Followed Rule

Google quickly refuted the allegations and said that they are carefully following the laws existing in France regarding privacy rights. According to them, their privacy policies are in full accordance with European laws and their policies are implemented to make more effective and simpler services. They also said that their company is working hand in hand with CNIL regarding this matter. However, the CNIL group also denied the statement from Google. They stated that Google even contested their demands during the last day of the time period given to the company to apply the existing French data protection policies into their services. If allegations will be proven true, Google will have to pay amount totaling to $202,755 (150,000 euros) and another 300 thousand euros if they will still refuse to implement the demands within the first three months following the first fine. Privacy specialists are closely watching Google’s case since it would be a significant example of an attempt by European nations to make American services-and-data companies bow down to their existing policies.


Google Might Face Sanctions in France With Privacy Violations

CNIL Bares Its Demands Google Should Follow Regarding Privacy Laws

According to CNIL, their demands are just fine. They just want Google to implement privacy policies in strict compliance with existing European data protection policies. To make it clearer, the French privacy watchdog specified its demands. These includes the following: Google should define and state its specified and explicit purposes; Educate users about the purposes of the different processes they are implementing; without legal basis, it should not proceed with the probable unlimited arrangement of users’ data; specify retention time for personal data it processed; justly process and collect data of passive users; and educate users and ask for their permission before putting cookies in their port.

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