HOT: Valve Announces New Game Controller With Haptic Feedback

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 1


Valve is on a streak of announcing its new products. After announcing the Steam OS and Steam Box, the known game publisher and developer has shown out its new game controller that would be called “Steam Controller.” The new game controller is under its Steam brand project and is part of its efforts to bring the company’s PC-based gaming platform into the gamers’ living rooms. The Steam Controller is expected to be released in 2014 and is believed to deliver better gaming experience than that of a mouse and a keyboard.

HOT: Valve Announces New Game Controller With Haptic Feedback

New Haptic Game Controller for New Gaming Feel

The most notable part of the Steam Controller is the inclusion of two track pads which will be able to receive and give haptic feedback to and from the gamers. With the haptic feedback capability, the new game controller is expected to give different physical feelings and atmospheres to the gamers which the mouse and keyboard is not capable of delivering of. According to the company’s official announcement page, they are moving to beat “traditional gamepads” that forces gamers to accept ‘compromises.’ To make sure that gamers get what they really want in a game controller, the company invited various gamers to test the Steam Controller before it hit the stores in 2014.


HOT: Valve Announces New Game Controller With Haptic Feedback

Steam Controller Still for Testing and Research

The new Steam Controller is anticipated by gamers since the company has already announced their devices aiming to change the traditional PC-based gaming. The announcement of the new controller now completes what the company needs to meet its vision. However, analysts say that it will be a big challenge for the company to convince gamers who are used to having mouse and keyboard in gaming. Although the future of this project is still a bit uncertain, the company believes that they are doing the right and enough research and testing to produce devices that will entice gamers. The company also believes that the haptic feedback feature of their new controller is a strong factor in providing new possibilities and gaming experience to it future users. Aside from that, they also sent out about 300 units of the early models of the Steam Controller to gamers who have given their interest for beta testing. This will enable them to solicit feedback and further improve their controller.

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