Microsoft Blue Is an Update for Windows 8 and Not a New Operating System

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0

It has been rumored as early as now that Microsoft is set to release a new operating system next to the recently released Windows 8. According to the speculations, the new operating system will be named Microsoft Blue. It is said to be released summer of 2013. According to a confirmed statement by Mary Jo Foley, the new version is already fifty percent in its development. Redmond is the one responsible in the creation of this project.

Yet, Microsoft Blue is confirmed not to be a new operating system. It is not what everyone expects to be a new operating system to succeed Windows 8. It is created to act as an update for Windows 8. According to the report by Win8China, it will be free to all Windows 8 users. As soon as it is released, every user can update their Windows 8 anytime.

Microsoft Blue Is an Update for Windows 8 and Not a New Operating System

Once it is 100 percent done, the team will still have to get positive feedbacks from Microsoft.  There will be test checks to be performed in the Microsoft Blue. Since it is just an update, it will give revisions to some of the features of Windows 8. But until now, there is still no statement from Microsoft about the effects of the update to the current Windows 8 system.

Since this is not a whole new operating system, it will just provide the users little changes in their system. According to The Verge Reports, it will provide a greater revision of the “search charm”, a feature in the Windows 8 system that is inspired by a bracelet with charms. It was heard that searches on the internet, like several types of available application, high definition movies and a lot more will double its speed. Also, Microsoft Blue will equip a Windows 8 system with the latest Internet Explorer 11th edition. This update will make the system run at a faster speed with no legs and results will best work with 7-8 inch devices.

Analysts have also been wondering why it is named after Blue.  Blue has marked a negative impression to Microsoft. This is in relation to the “blue screen of death” or abbreviated as BSOD. It was the error message that used to appear on the Windows screen. It was the message that signified the Windows system to have crashed unexpectedly.

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