iPad Mini 2 Rumors: New A7 Chip and Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
iPad Mini 2 Rumors: New A7 Chip and Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner


After the recent release of its several new devices and software, Apple is likely to refresh the iPad and its younger brother, the iPad Mini. A lot of new devices and software updates were launched and released by the Cupertino Company. These includes the iPhone 5s and 5c, the iOS 7 and the new Apple TV 6.0. There are rumors that the new iPad line will be launched this October. Reports also stated that the iPad refresh will include the iPad Mini as the smaller version of iPad is getting behind new tablets released by different tech giants.

iPad Mini 2 Rumors: New A7 Chip and Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

New iPad Mini 2 to Have Some Specs Same With iPhone 5s?

The new iPhone 5s included a first-of-the-industry 64-bit A7 chip, a M7 motion co-processor and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. These three technologies have been already reported that will be included in the new models of iPad to be launched soon. However, new reports also say that the three mention technologies will also be adapted with the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 2. This rumor was also supported by Sonny Dickson, a reputable source for past Apple tech leaks and rumors.


Additional Features and Bonuses for the new iPad Mini 2

Aside from the astonishing 64-bit A7 processor, Touch ID feature and M7 motion co-processor, the new iPad Mini 2 will also likely to have an improved RAM of 1GB. The existing iPad Mini has only 512MB of RAM and an A5 processor which is about three years old. Dickson also tweeted that the new models of iPad Mini 2 will be available in three different colors – silver, black and gold. The gold Apple product color was also introduced with the coming out of iPhone 5s. Even rival Samsung Electronics also announced that they will have a gold smartphone soon.

iPad Mini 2 Rumors: New A7 Chip and Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

Retina Display for the iPad Mini 2 Still Unclear

Although different exciting technologies were already rumored about the upcoming iPad Mini 2, there are still no rumors about the inclusion of the retina display feature in it. The retina display has already been included in the bigger tablet lineup as early as iPad 3. However, the Cupertino Company disregarded this technology in the iPad Mini release probably to reduce cost.

The upcoming iPad Mini 2 is said to have the same price range with its predecessor but it is unlikely to happen with the inclusion of the rumored technologies. Are you excited for the new iPad Mini 2?

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