Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Exits With a Tearful Yet Groovy Talk

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Exits With a Tearful Yet Groovy Talk


Microsoft head Steve Ballmer hosted his last staff meeting as he is scheduled to leave the company next year. The staff meeting featured a tearful sendoff to his workers whom he has work with for the last 33 years. The event gathered more than 13,000 Microsoft employees all waiting for his anticipated speech. It was held at Key Arena in Seattle where basketball and ice hockey are also usually held. His 33 colorful years in Microsoft is highlighted by his enthusiastic and energetic presentations. During his presentations, he also known to routinely profess his love for their products and for their company.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Exits With a Tearful Yet Groovy Talk

Steve Ballmer’s Retirement at the Midst of Company’s Down Time

A lot of Microsoft employees were really saddened by the news about Ballmer’s retirement. However, the chief executive still declared that the company will “change the world again” even after his departure. His retirement was triggered by the pressure made by the company’s rivals such as Apple, Amazon and Google. The chief exec’s departure will happen in a time where the company is still recovering from a significant loss it had at the mobile market. He also added that the company was really slow in adopting and expanding into the mobile phone race and he is regretting that the company was so focused on working for Windows that they forgot to give attention to the growing market of smartphones. He particularly said that it happened during the 2000s where PC market is at its strongest period when almost every household has a PC. To date, smartphone and tablet sales are overtaking the PC market where Microsoft is a strong force. His last remarks included a tearful speech but ended in a positive tone for the company and its employees. As of today, Microsoft has not yet announced a replacement for Steve Ballmer.


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Exits With a Tearful Yet Groovy Talk

Grooving to the Dirty Dancing Song as He Ends Speech

According to some Microsoft employees of attended the company meeting, Ballmer’s talk appeared like a rock concert instead of a really sad one. One of the company’s project managers even uploaded an image on Instagram showing the chief exec’s ‘moving speech.’ Ballmer ended his dramatic speech by saying the lines “I’ve had the time of my life!” then the known Dirty Dancing song played as the crowd goes wild.

What do you think will be Microsoft’s future after Ballmer’s departure?

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