New Apple Acquisition Signals a New Direction for the Tech Company

Jaycee De Guzman September 28, 2013 0
New Apple Acquisition Signals a New Direction for the Tech Company


It seems like Apple is really serious in exploring possibilities for a new and emerging market aside from PCs, smartphones, TVs and Tablets. There are rumors that reported Apple had a new acquisition from a known shoe brand to pioneer on their expanding device lineup. A recent hiring of former fitness guru and developer Jay Blahnik and a rumored addition of a fitness item design director is likely dictating that the Cupertino company is going to the direction of wearable market. Big names are already being snagged by Apple so it can be easily concluded that they are dead serious about their plans.

Fuel Band’s Shaffer to Reunite With Former Workmate

New Apple Acquisition Signals a New Direction for the Tech CompanyAccording to reports, Apple has already acquired Ben Shaffer, Nike Fuel Bands’s director for designs. If rumors will be proven true, the former design director will reunite with his former Nike co-employee, Jay Blahnik. Blahnik is the former developer of Fuel Band and fitness guru who was reportedly signed by the Cupertino company last month. The departure of Shaffer was also confirm by Nike on its tech blog. He served Nike as the Studio Director for Innovative Kitchen. The department where Shaffer formerly belonged was responsible for the design and development of the company’s devices like the Flyknit shoe and the Fuel Band. However, Shaffer’s LinkedIn profile still states Nike as his current company. The former Nike design director was also considered as one of the responsible persons in helping the shoe brand in bagging the No. 1 most innovative company in the year 2013. There are still no reports about what position Shaffer will hold inside the Apple Company but he is expected to be assigned to a rumored project for a SmartWatch device.


iWatch Soon to Be Launched? Rumors for a New Device Intensified

The Apple Company’s interest on wearable market became formal with their CEO’s remarks that the said market could be a deep field and is ‘incredibly interesting.’ Aside from that, Tim Cook also a known of Nike’s fitness-tracking bracelet, the Fuel Band. Also, several rumors about the launching of “iWatch” are also spreading for the past few months. The addition of prominent names from Nike is just a significant indication that the Cupertino company will likely to launch a wearable device soon.

New Apple Acquisition Signals a New Direction for the Tech Company

Do you think Apple will really plunge into the wearable market soon?

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