A Windows Phone 8 Is Not Yet Included in the Bucket List for LG

Sara Cunningham February 25, 2013 0
A Windows Phone 8 Is Not Yet Included in the Bucket List for LG

LG is a company known for its electronic products. It is also taking its lead of releasing handsets that carry the Microsoft operating system. It has remained to be loyal to its partnership with Microsoft, despite in this world of Android. It has already released a number of Windows phones series. A lot has been speculating as to when will be the official LG Windows Phone 8  release date. Until now, there is no confirmation aside from rumors.

As of the moment, LG has never even outlined a plan to create and release Windows Phone 8 device to carry its name. That is a statement confirmed by CNET. It is reported that the company will still be using the Microsoft Windows operating system to its various handsets. But to consider releasing a phone that carries the latest Windows operating system, the company does not seem to be very positive about it. It seems like the idea has never gotten into the plan yet.

A Windows Phone 8 Is Not Yet Included in the Bucket List for LG

This statement was confirmed in Barcelona, Spain. It was an obvious assumption that there is a lesser demand for Windows phones. Living the truth that Android operated handsets are the ones hitting the charts at present. Handsets that carry the Microsoft operating system will always be on the list of options but most likely not the top pick. This is in relation with Android’s demand. The mobile industry is even aware of the high demand for Android operated phones. It could be awkward to say but Microsoft might struggle with its leading rivals like the iPhone and Android. The consideration for an Android phone release remains to be an open book rather than introducing a new LG Windows Phone 8. A statement released by one of LG’s spokesperson says, “Whenever there’s a significant market for it, we will be on board.”

All these speculations appear to be contradicting with a report by the Korea Times. The report says that we can expect an LG Windows Phone 8 to be released within this year. LG has been the first batch of electronic device company that partnered with Microsoft Windows phone. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that we will eventually see the company marketing an Android powered phone in the coming years. LG is also in the middle of creating a device that will feature the new Mozilla operating system – the Firefox OS.

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