PC Sales Increase Credited to Touchscreen Laptops and Chromebooks

Jaycee De Guzman September 29, 2013 1
PC Sales Increase Credited to Touchscreen Laptops and Chromebooks


The declining PC sales has found new hopes with the arrival of Chromebooks and Windows touchscreen notebooks.

The release of these new laptops from rival companies helped the PC market achieve sales above than expected during a period where kids and teens go back to schooling. The rise in sales can still continue up to the holiday season according to some analysts. The statistics also show that the PC market still has a solid base and is not nearing to be a dying market despite increase in smartphone and tablet shares.

Better Back-to-School Sales Compared to Last Year’s Numbers

PC Sales Increase Credited to Touchscreen Laptops and ChromebooksActually, PC sales recorded are still going down. However, numbers currently achieved during the back-to-school period still improved compared to the same period last year. PC sales during the period of June 30 to September 7 went down by 2.5% but it is still better than last year’s stats. Things turned out to be worse if not because of the release of such new laptops and notebooks. The PC market already turned old and is now finding a decent spot in a transforming industry where consumers purchase mobile devices more often than desktop computers, laptops and notebooks. Windows 8 notebooks which are touch-enabled together with Google’s new Chromebooks topped the sales for the said period.


Touchscreen Notebooks Getting a Decent Market Share

Notebooks with touch abilities are slowly dominating PC sales. This could be caused by the existence of the Windows 8 platform. The said platform is equipped with features needing touch abilities which is a perfect match for rising touchscreen notebook manufacturers. In addition to that, more touchscreen notebooks are being sold at a price point below $500 that is why more and more budget-conscious buyers are biting the low-cost products.

Chromebooks: Another Emerging Product for the PC Market

PC Sales Increase Credited to Touchscreen Laptops and ChromebooksThe recently released Chromebooks powered by Google’s Chrome OS came from various manufacturers such as Asus, Lenovo and Samsung. The emerging market for Google-powered notebooks is significant indication of a rising competitor against Windows products, especially at entry-level pricing. New Chromebooks from HP, Acer and Toshiba are even capable of battling with Windows PCs since they are already powered by a new Intel i5 “Hasswell” chip designed for energy-efficient yet powerful computing. About 175,000 Chromebooks were sold during the said period.

Will you buy a Windows 8 notebook or a Chromebook this coming holiday season?

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