SOS? Sources Say Intel Is in Need of a Partner for Web TV Project

Jaycee De Guzman September 29, 2013 0
SOS? Sources Say Intel Is in Need of a Partner for Web TV Project


According to some sources inside the Intel Corp., the known processor company is now seeking partners to turn its planned television service based on the Web a success. The company is aiming to jump-start the project before the year ends but still needs partnerships to get it done. The California-based chip company is now looking for partners that have rights to television and film shows and those who have stable base of Internet subscribers in order to bring the Web-TV project into a roll.

New CEO Not Concentrated With Web-TV but on Mobile Devices

SOS? Sources Say Intel Is in Need of a Partner for Web TV ProjectSince the new CEO Brian Krzanich assumed posts last month of May, the developments for the launching of the said Web-TV projects has slowed down noticeably. The new CEO has put his attention more on the effort to getting their Intel processors into mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. People are rapidly shifting into smartphones and tablets that’s why Intel has been working hard on making processors that are more energy-efficient and faster. A notable development for the company is the release of new Intel Haswell processors as well as introduction of chips that will be available for the wearable market. The Web-TV project approach just shifted after he assume the position and now, the company is needing partners with stable number of customers and selling experience to get it done. The company even already built an advanced set-top box for the project before its start.


Company Needs New Market Other Than PCs

SOS? Sources Say Intel Is in Need of a Partner for Web TV ProjectThe slow progress of the Web-TV project is not a good sign for Intel. The company is in need of a business venture to save itself from the deteriorating PC market. The establishment of a TV business for Intel would be a great idea aside from bringing their chips into mobile devices. However, there are still low expectations from investors for the success of the said project. Intel has been known to be venturing into other fields aside from the PC market but eventually experienced failures. The mobile device market seems to be an attractive one for the company as the public have witnessed recent developments from them for the use of mobile devices. As of now, the company has a lot of catching up to do especially on the mobile market and on their Web-TV project.

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