Apple Starting to Acquire Ground in China With New iPhones

Jaycee De Guzman September 29, 2013 0
Apple Starting to Acquire Ground in China With New iPhones


China is one of the most important markets in the world. In fact, it has the largest smartphone market in the world. A lot of investors are starting to put capitals in the said country as its economic condition continue to be one of the strongest around the globe. Millions of smartphones are shipped yearly into this Asian countries and analysts predict that next year, the number will still increase by 25% on a yearly basis. Next year, there are 450 million units of smartphones expected to be shipped in the Chinese country.

Apple: an Emerging Smartphone Empire in China

Apple Starting to Acquire Ground in China With New iPhonesOne of the primary factors that contribute to the increase of smartphone shipment in China is Apple. Believe it or not, the Cupertino Company is slowly building a great wall in China. Apple will soon ship its new iPhone models to local wireless carrier, China Mobile. The ‘sluggish’ sales of the iPhone 5 in the past months is expected to be toppled by an improved response of consumers to the new iPhone 5s and 5c that will be sold by China’s leading wireless carrier. Analysts expect that iOS devices in China will double up by 2014 thanks to China Mobile. Android will still dominate the China smartphone market but with these recent developments, Apple is expected to gain a strong ground in this Asian country. The trend for this year dictates a minor slide in terms of Android device sales while Apple gains a significant sales increase.


4G and LTE Subscription Rapidly Covering China Too

Apple Starting to Acquire Ground in China With New iPhonesApple iOS devices are not the only ones gaining a stronghold in China. The country is also building an empire of 4G connectivity. By 2014, there are 120 million 4G-ready smartphones that will be shipped in China and 32 million will be expected to be using the TD-LTE network from China Mobile. The popular wireless carrier is believed to launch its new 4G linkages by the end of the year. This also signals that iPhones from China Mobile will be available soon, as early as November. The Chinese government is supportive to China Mobile when it comes to its expansion expenditures. However, China Mobile is now solely shouldering the upgrading costs for the upcoming 4G network. It is expected that China Mobile will have a 49% percent increase in capital expenditures by the end of this year.

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