Apple iPad Mini 2 will be a major upgrade, will be as good as the iPhone 5S

Sara Cunningham September 29, 2013 0
Apple iPad Mini 2 will be a major upgrade, will be as good as the iPhone 5S

We have some really interesting news for consumers who have been waiting for the official unveiling of the next-gen Apple iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2. Recent rumors indicate that the Apple iPad Mini 2 will be a major upgrade over the previous model and will have a lot of hardware borrowed from the recently unveiled iPhone 5S.

If you were planning to get yourself an iPad Mini, we suggest that you stop right now! Don’t be in a hurry because if you are ready to wait then you will get a lot more for your money that you can right now. The Apple iPad Mini 2 is on its way and will be available in stores all around the world very soon. And if you know how Apple works, then you should also be knowing that the iPad Mini 2 will not be that costly.

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But for now, let us keep the price factor aside and take a look at what the iPad Mini 2 has to offer. To start with, you will be happy to know that the iPad Mini 2 is expected to be equipped with the Apple A7 chipset and will have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. Recently, details about the Apple A7 chipset were given out. The Apple A7 chipset present on the iPhone 5S consists of a 1.3GHz dual-core processor, PowerVR GPU Series 6 and 1GB of RAM. We are sure that Apple will tweak this chipset to use it on the iPad so that it delivers optimum performance and at the same time ensure a high capacity battery backup.

Another very important reason to wait for the Apple iPad Mini 2 is that the tablet will have support for 64-bit operating system. So if you were expecting the iPad Mini 2 to have the Apple A6 chipset, then you should know that the possibility is low. The reason is because Apple wants to upgrade all its devices to support its new 64-bit operating system.

But we are still not sure whether the iPad Mini 2 will get the retina display upgrade. There have been reports in the past saying that Apple had already tried installing a retina display on the iPad Mini 2. The results were not that positive as reports said that the tablet used to get heated up very often.

The next-gen Apple iPad Mini 2 is expected to be officially unveiled in the month of October and is expected to go on sale by the end of that month. We do not have details about the pricing but it is being said that the new tablet will have the same color options as the iPhone 5S – Space Gray, Silver and Gold.

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