Confirmed: Nirvanix to Shut Down in Few Days, Shocks Customers

Jaycee De Guzman September 30, 2013 0
Confirmed: Nirvanix to Shut Down in Few Days, Shocks Customers


A lot of Nirvanix clients will be angry about the news regarding its abrupt shut down. The cloud-based storage provider has announced that it stop its operations by the end of this month. Most of the company’s clients are enterprise-level customers so this would mean a lot people will be affected by their upcoming closing. The company shutdown was formally announced through an official letter it posted on its company website. The news started only as rumors but was eventually confirmed by the said company causing shock to its customers. The storage provider said that they are still working towards and extension of their availability up to mid-October.

Short Notice About the Closing Down a Big Problem for Clients

Confirmed: Nirvanix to Shut Down in Few Days, Shocks CustomersNirvanix has already established a reputable name as cloud-based storage service provider. The company even established itself as a reliable alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is already a giant in the industry. What the biggest effect of their abrupt shut is down is that their clients are given only a short period of time to migrate their content from the closing storage company to other service providers. Nirvanix customers are only given less than week to transfer their files. Migrating large files from a cloud-based storage is not an easy task so a lot of clients might be disgusted along the process. Customers really need to wish that the company will be able to have their services until mid-October which is still uncertain for the cloud-based storage service provider.


Company Closes Despite Enough Funding Received

The Nirvanix Company recently raised funds from various investors amounting to $70 million. The news about their sudden shut down is still a big question since they already got an enough funding to expand and support its operations.

The company’s shut down can probably even result to bigger problems in the near future. Huge companies will start to feel anxious and will begin to hesitate in using the services of small cloud storage providers in a fear of a probable repeat of the Nirvanix case. This problem will likely to happen in the future even if small-time service providers are offering cheaper prices compared to the larger and more established ones. The case of Nirvanix will just bring a lot of bad effects into the cloud storage service industry.

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