HTC might unveil the HTC One Max on the 17th of October – Report

Alex Bezeau September 30, 2013 0
HTC might unveil the HTC One Max on the 17th of October – Report


We have interesting news for HTC fans and consumers who have been waiting for the HTC One Max! A number of reports have confirmed the release date and pricing of the HTC One Max, the biggest smart device in the HTC One series.

The HTC One Max has been one of the most anticipated devices for the second half of the year 2013. We have already come across a number of leaked images and spec sheets and the excitement level has been growing ever since. A number of consumers prefer to opt for a phablet instead of a smartphone and a tablet. And many of these consumers have been waiting for the HTC One Max.

Each of the rumor and report in the past gave us an idea about what the phablet will look like and what specs it would have. But we now have a report that actually gives us new information. Chinese website ePrice claims that HTC has already set the official unveiling date for its new flagship phablet, the HTC One Max. The Taiwanese company is expected to unveil the phablet on the 17th of October, that’s just a few weeks from today.

HTC One Max

Another report has also shed light on the pricing of the HTC One Max. The report says that the flagship phablet will be priced at NTD 23,900 (that’s almost $800 give or take). This is the price for the SIM-free version of course, and the subsidized handsets will be much more affordable (we assume they will cost about $299 along with a two-year contract).

But we now come to the part that might disappoint you, because its time for us to talk about the salt. The release date and pricing information given in the above reports might have come from inside sources, but there is no way to confirm the same. The information might be legit but we cannot neglect the possibility of errors or simply fake numbers.

So we suggest that you take this information with a pinch of salt (small one) till the time to get more information about the HTC One Max. We will try to get more details and updates about the HTC One Max so stay tuned or be sure to check back later.


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