HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore – Specs Comparison

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HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore – Specs Comparison


There are a lot of products that companies introduce today to compete with the current industry of gadgets and latest technological devices. The Encore by Toshiba and Slate 8 Pro by HP are just a few of these products. Still to be released hopefully before the end of this year, these two tablets feature a new innovation that science has built since the beginning. However, we still don’t know whether these two products will pick up in the market. Let’s start by making an initial review to tell which one is better.

Build and Design

HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore - Specs ComparisonIn terms of the build and design, the Toshiba Encore weighs 450 g and physically measures 8.0 inches. It has a Polycarbonate body material and will be available in color gray. Unfortunately, there is no official release about the dimensions of this product and the protections that come with it.

On the other hand, HP also has not released any reports yet about the measurements and weight of the Slate 8 Pro. What we do know is that it will have a similar 8.0 inches of physical size. So far, online photos suggest that this tablet will be available in color black.

Display Features

HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore - Specs ComparisonThe Toshiba Encore will showcase an IPS LCD technology along with a capacitive and multi-touch screen. It will have its own light sensors with a color display of 16M. The screen will have 1280 x 800 pixels of resolution and 189 ppi of pixel density.

Moreover, the HP Slate 8 Pro will exhibit a similar capacitive and multi-touch screen that bears its own light sensors. It will have a much larger screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and 250 ppi of pixel density. There is no information yet about what display technology will it inhibit.

Operating System and Hardware

HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore - Specs ComparisonWhen it comes to the choices of hardware and software, the Encore by Toshiba is expected to have a Windows 8.1 operating system with a Candybar form factor. It will run on an Atom Z3770 Bay Trail chipset along with a Quad core 1500 MHz Silvermont central processing unit which will have an integrated graphics processor on its own. The system memory will come at 2GB RAM 533 MHz/LPDDR3 while internal storage is at the maximum of 32GB. A memory card slot is also available for MicroSD and MicroSDHC


The Slate 8 Pro by HP, on the other hand, will have an Android version 4.2 operating system with Candybar as a form factor. It will run on an Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset which is expected to work incredibly fast with a Quadcore 1800 MHz ARM Cortex-A15 central processing unit. It will have an integrated graphics processor on its own although there is no information yet about this tablet’s memory details. What is sure is that it will have Micro HDMI as well as Micro USB ports.

Camera and General Multimedia

HP Slate 8 Pro Vs. Toshiba Encore - Specs ComparisonFor the purposes of capturing images, the Toshiba Encore will have an 8MP camera at the back with 2MP a camcorder. The 2MP frontal camera will also have dual microphone to serve webcam purposes. Although this information is also lacking, we can expect from the recent reports that this tablet will have more features given that it has a high resolution photo taking capabilities. Furthermore this device will also feature additional multimedia options which consist of an MP3 music player capable of background playing and video playback compatible with MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 file types.

On an alternative note, the HP Slate 8 Pro will have its own back and front facing camera although it is not clear yet whether it will have a higher or lower resolution than the Encore. What we do know is that it will have a high dynamic range mode or HDR which is a high end feature of premium gadgets. If this is for real, then we could expect that this tablet’s camera is going to be functional and respectable. In addition, it will also have multimedia options which include an MP3 music player with background playing capabilities. The video playback supports MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 file types.


As seen in this comparative review, the specifications are not enough to conclude whether the Toshiba Encore or HP Slate 8 Pro is better than the other. However, taking a look at only the usable information given here, it seems that the HP Slate 8 Pro is providing better numbers than the Toshiba Encore in the display department. It has a higher resolution and pixel density than what the other offers. So far, it presents credible choices in hardware, operating system as well as multimedia.

Given that this product had just been introduced, it will be a long time before it is actually released on the market but there will always be new information about it on the internet. If consumers wish to know more, checking online is the best possible thing to do. Meanwhile, since this is only a preliminary review, which tablet is most likely going to be more competitive?

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