Emotional Rifts Between Executives Caused the Downfall of Blackberry

Jaycee De Guzman September 30, 2013 0
Emotional Rifts Between Executives Caused the Downfall of Blackberry


No one has ever thought that BlackBerry’s greatest competitor is its self. This is a fresh report that we just got from reliable sources. We’re not talking about the devices that the company was able to bring to its consumers. But, the head executives that are running the company are reported to be the main reasons why the company has to sell its self to a different emerging company.

Blackberry Z10 Started the Fight Between Some Officials

Emotional Rifts Between Executives Caused the Downfall of BlackberryIt was unusual for BlackBerry to release a phone without a physical QWERTY keyboard. It was Thorsten Hein’s idea to release a smartphone with a touchscreen from a company that has never produced one. Hein is the CEO of the company and found it to be the only way for the company to at least meet the requests of the consumers. At that time, BlackBerry had been already far behind from the likes of Samsung and Apple companies.

However, little did everyone know that this idea was strongly opposed by the co-founder of the company, which is Michael Lazardis. It has been confirmed that Lazardis never agreed to release the new design as it will ruin the main goal of the company to bring sophisticated smartphones to the consumers in the market.

Lazardis has stated before the Z10 was released that he does not understand the entirety of the new flagship device of the company and that it does not follow his vision for the huge company.


The BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) for Other Platforms First Became an Issue

Emotional Rifts Between Executives Caused the Downfall of BlackberryWho didn’t use to love the BlackBerry Messaging Feature of its smartphones? The said application was confirmed to be the reason why BlackBerry used to lead the world of smartphones years ago.

Behind the success of the application was Jim Balsillie. He used to be the co-CEO of the company. But, it was during the time when it was still called the team of Research in Motion and he used to lead the team as well. He was also the main reason why the company successfully earned a license to finally allow the BBM application to be available to other operating system or platforms.

“My reason for leaving the RIM board in March 2012 was due to the company’s decision to cancel the BBM cross-platform strategy.”

This was the statement the former CEO released to the press recently. It was also confirmed that the current in feud partners, Hein and Lazardis facilitated the cancellation of the BBM project, which was to open the application to other platforms.

It is quite confirmed that it is because of this rift between executives that the company has to remove 40 percent of its employees and staff this year. It would only mean that the company is soon to shut down and that more people will become jobless.

It is also known to the press especially The Globe and Mail newspaper that the company is in the middle of selling its self to a certain investment company. It seems to be a very rough time for the company and it’s sad to see a once-big company to put into waste.

Do you think that the rifts between the executives affected the downfall of BlackBerry or not?

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