GTA Online: Too Bad Australia for America Will Get the Game First

Jaycee De Guzman September 30, 2013 0
GTA Online: Too Bad Australia for America Will Get the Game First


Australia may not be that lucky this time since it will not be the first country to take advantage of GTA Online. Australia is usually the first country to get several game launches first. It is because of the International Date Line that makes the time zone of the country blessed enough to experience and purchase games first before any other countries.

According to Rockstar, it has been confirmed that it will be America that will first take a hold of the said game. This time, its release will follow America’s time zone, which make the Americans lucky this time.

When Is the Exact Launch of the Online Game?

GTA Online: Too Bad Australia for America Will Get the Game FirstRockstar has also confirmed that the launch will be held in October 1 and that is just a day from now. That would only mean that Australia will be able to meet the new online game the next day, which is already the second day of the month.

The dates have been confirmed and it’s a good idea that it will be launched on the first day of October. However, there are no reports stating the exact time that the online game will be released. Everyone and even Rockstar are still anticipating for earlier confirmations from the founders of the online game for the exact time that the GTA Online will be released.


The said release follows the successful launch of GTA 5 in this month of September. This month, it has been reported that the launch of the GTA 5 didn’t earn millions, but a billion dollars. It was confirmed that it reached $1 billion of sales in just three days after the game was launched to the market.

The Same Success Is Expected on the GTA Online Launch

As mentioned earlier, the GTA 5 was such a big success gaining the attention of all of the gamers in the world. The GTA Online is also expected to gain the same reception from the gamers. For sure, the conclusion will be revealed a few days after the launch of the online game.

Rockstar has posted new details about the game a week ago. It released details about micro-transactions and details about its in-game economy. More information is being awaited from the website a few days after the launch of the said game.

Furthermore, Rockstar didn’t deny that the online game will be experiencing glitches in time. It’s probably pertaining to minor glitches, crashes, unexpected bugs and other failures that may occur to interrupt the online game in the future. However, the gamers are rest assured that the company has a backup plan for all of these situations if it should occur.

Are you going to take advantage of the GTA Online game or you’re already contented with newest GTA 5?

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