Announces Its Free Options in the $36 a Year Plan to Its Subscribers

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0 is a social networking media quite similar to Twitter. It is intended for web developers. Web developers are free to post the applications they have created. Most of the subscribers are aspiring web developers. These developers sign up to enhance their expertise. Someone becomes a member by signing up with a fee of $36 per year. But recently, the CEO of the company mentioned a change in terms and conditions when signing up. Announces Its Free Options in the $36 a Year Plan to Its Subscribers

To gain access, one aspirant must receive an invite. The invites will then be endorsed to current subscribers with good paid plans. It also has the following limitations but is still free:

  • (FREE) A subscriber can only follow forty users maximum.
  • (FREE) A subscriber has file storage of 500 MB.
  • (FREE) A file with a maximum of 10 MB can be uploaded. also shows a threaded discussion like the ones on Twitter and many competitors without strict policies. As of now, there are already more than a hundred applications available on its page. These applications are created by the subscribers. The network also encourages its subscribers to create applications. Fortunately, these subscribers believe in its community. The network also allows the creators sell their masterpiece and earn from it. The applications available in this network are considered third-party. Extra caution is needed against suspicious malware, too. The creators sign up for the same reason. Each subscriber probably signs up to prove something for themselves in the world of technology.‘s free features that are offered will still have to be observed whether it will increase the number of subscribers it has. The results are yet to come, if these freebies will have an increase to the audience’s trust on the network.

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