Apple Cuts 13-year Reign of Coca-Cola for Most Valuable Brand Title

Jaycee De Guzman October 1, 2013 0
Apple Cuts 13-year Reign of Coca-Cola for Most Valuable Brand Title


The maker of a world-famous soda, Coca-Cola, held the Most Valuable Brand in the World title for 13 years. This year, however, they are already dethroned by the popular iPhone maker, the Apple Company. This is according to a report made by Interbrand, a brand consultancy agency. The maker of hit mobile devices and PCs such as iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iMac saw a significant growth in its brand value this year, enabling them to snatch the title from the brand powerhouse, Coca-Cola Co. The Cupertino Company extremely improved from its second-place finish last year.

 Some Reasons Why the iPhone Maker Got the MVB Title

Apple Cuts 13-year Reign of Coca-Cola for Most Valuable Brand TitleIn their report regarding the list of top valuable brands in the world, Interbrand also cited why the Apple Co. emerged as the world’s top brand. According to the report, Apple is continuing to innovate devices and solutions that make people do things easier and that fact is continuing to adore a lot of Apple fans. The company’s brand value also grew for about 28 percent which equates to 98.3 billion US dollars. The brand consultancy agency also added that the Cupertino Company is known for setting high standards in simplicity, aesthetics and ease of use of its devices that’s why tech companies are struggling to match them. Other companies that made it to the top five were: Google (2nd), IBM (3rd) and Microsoft (5th). IBM was third last year, Google was number four and Microsoft retained its position from last year. These companies have been battling out in the top positions for few years already.


Samsung Rapidly Climbing the List; Posts a Serious Problem to Apple

Although Apple got the top spot, Samsung is continuing to increase their lead against the iPhone maker in terms of market share. Samsung Electronics is currently in the eight spot and they are rapidly climbing up on the top of the list. Their brand value soared up high for a 20 percent increase and as they continue to produce innovative products such Galaxy Note III and Galaxy S4 (according to the Interbrand report), they will continue to post a serious threat to Apple on the top brand list globally. This is a big challenge for the Cupertino Company to stop the South Korean Company’s momentum and put a stronghold on the growing mobile device in China.

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