FAA Panel Oks Mobile Device Use During Jet Landings and Takeoffs

Jaycee De Guzman October 1, 2013 0
FAA Panel Oks Mobile Device Use During Jet Landings and Takeoffs


Plane passengers will soon be allowed of mobile device use during jet landings and takeoffs. An influential panel to the federal regulators have recommended after a closed-door meeting a few days ago that airline passengers shall be given permission to use their tablets, smartphones, eBook readers and all other electronic gadgets especially during takeoffs and landings that occur below 10,000 feet. With this recommendation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the main agency concerned with plane policies, may soon release an order allowing the use of the said mobile devices.

Use of Mobile Devices Might Be Allowed But Will Still Be Limited

FAA Panel Oks Mobile Device Use During Jet Landings and TakeoffsAlthough the recommendation from the FAA panel will allow plane passengers of mobile device use during jet landings and takeoffs, there will still be limitations. According to the recommendation, passengers should have more opportunity to use most of their devices especially during the plane goes below 10,000 feet altitude. However, some devices should still be switched to airplane mode. Aside from that, surfing the web, taking phone calls and data downloading will still be not allowed according to the recommendation. Some of the specified allowed mobile usage are those activities that don’t require mobile devices go online like creating and editing documents already stored on the device, watching movies already downloaded and read e-books already saved on the mobile device. These mobile device activities will be allowed even during takeoffs and landings if the panel recommendation will be approved and implemented by the FAA. The panel was composed of 28 members that voted for the recommendation.


Newer Planes Now With Better Equipment vs. Electronic Interference

At present, mobile device use during jet landings and takeoffs is not allowed. This is to prevent interference between these electronic devices and the sensitive set of cockpit equipment. However, new airplanes are now installed with better equipment against electronic interferences. This has been an issue for a long time since the policy on turning off devices during takeoffs and landings are now become baseless. Although new planes are already populating the airways, there are still some reports of electronic interference from pilots according to some airline companies. However, the final say will still belong to the federal regulators. It’s up to them to decide on the matter and assess the safety concerns involved in this issue.

Will you use your smartphone or tablet during takeoffs or landings?

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