Grand Theft Auto Online Launch Tuesday – May Experience Server Lags

Jaycee De Guzman October 1, 2013 0


The Grand Theft Auto Online will be launched today. However, the online version of the hit ‘violent crime’ game may be plagued by some glitches. The launching of GTA 5 received enormous positive response from GTA fans all over the world. The hit console video game sold for more than 15 million titles on its first days and the online version of the game is expected to receive same response from gamers. Within the first 24 hours of the online version of GTA, server errors are also expected because the game manufacturers never expected such a huge response from GTA fans.

Server Errors May Mar GTA Online as Early as First Day of Launch

Grand Theft Auto Online Launch Tuesday - May Experience Server LagsRockstar North, the maker of the phenomenal game GTA, admitted that they are experiencing some strong pressure as their new GTA 5 received huge sales feedback as early as its first week. A copy of the online version of the game came with the GTA 5 titles sold. According to analysts and game editors, they are expecting the Grand Theft Auto Online to have at least two million users at its first day. The company has never done such an online game as large as this online version of GTA. Problems will surely arise because of the massive playing user load it will have according to online game experts. Other successful online games also experienced failing servers as they usually cannot cope up with the demand from increasing game players. The online version of the hit ‘violent crime’ game will enable up to 16 online players to interact and play the game simultaneously inside a virtual environment while creating their own avatars.


More Servers, Updates Needed to Ease Game Demand Effectively

A lot of hit games have already experienced server errors and delays because of massive demand from users online. According to the makers of Grand Theft Auto Online, they are already unceasingly working and buying more servers to ease the expected number of game players. Aside from that, the company also made updates already available to help in the gameplay process and improve current and future problems that may arise. Other problems that may arise according to online game experts are crashes, bugs and many more. However, it is really inevitable they added.

Will you play the Grand Theft Auto Online on its first day?

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