Apple Inc: Will Its Launching of iTV Regain Its Customers’ Interest?

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0

What’s next for Apple Inc.? Rumors are saying that the iTV is set to come later this year. The company is speculated to be in the middle of finalizing the new creation with iWatch. Some analysts believe that the company will launch it before the year ends. But a lot of critics too are stating that it could take more than a year for the company to finally launch the iTV.

Will the Launch of Apple’s iTV Regain Its Customers' Interest?

Apple Inc. is unfortunately described as being too relaxed in its innovations. Every single company does not seem to stop releasing new devices each year. There are even reports that Apple may not even present its own monitor for the television. But despite the silence it is making in the market today, Apple is still active in the market of smart television. Its users have been enjoying its Airplay feature. Airplay allows the user to connect its iPad to a certain device. This allows the iPad display to appear in a wider screen. The device is called the Set Top Box TV. This technology marks a different perspective in television history. Since the time of Steve Jobs, Apple has been looking forward to partnering with electronic companies to carry the software that will change the entirety of the television. The proposals were positive but no company has yet committed to Apple.

There is no doubt on the quality of Apple Inc.’s devices. But the company has a lot of rivals that offer the same excellent features at a lower price. Pricing has been an issue for Apple, since its devices are normally at a high price. The company is in the middle of increasing its market share in certain parts of Asia, particularly China and Taiwan. China has several mobile operating companies that will be an advantage for Apple.

The sales feedback about Apple in India is not good as well. There are top leading brands in Asia that can provide the same satisfaction. Even the latest Blackberry Z10 is having a hard time knowing that it is priced closer to Apple’s iPhone 5. Apple products are best challenged by Samsung Android devices which dominate the most of Asia at present. Other models like Nokia’s Lumia and HTC models are on the list too to beat Apple. Due to this competition, the world is wondering, what’s next for Apple now?

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