Facebook Ads Feature Targets to Help Mobile Application Marketers

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
Facebook Ads Feature Targets to Help Mobile Application Marketers


Out of the many social media platforms today, Facebook remains to be the biggest, most useful and the one with the most number of users. Since the day it was launched, people have started using the social media website as the medium of communication with family, friends and relatives.

Aside from that, Facebook started to become useful in helping small and medium scaled businesses in its sales promotions. It’s also one of the social media sites that offer several applications that can be used while logged in to the website. However, the existence of other social network websites grabbed the attention of the users from the giant social media network.

A recent statement has been released by the social media network that it has a new ad feature that will help the apps marketers and will bring convenience to the users as well.

It Gained More Downloads Than Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Facebook Ads Feature Targets to Help Mobile Application MarketersApple users download most of their applications from the Apple’s App Store. Meanwhile, Android users certainly download their applications from the Google Play Store, which offers thousands of free applications.

But, it’s fair enough to say that Facebook has earned more downloads of applications by both users. To be exact, the company has earned more than 145 million of downloads from these users. These applications are either offered on Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.


Users make it more convenient to download applications from the social network site because they continue to be signed in while browsing or downloading applications made available by the network.

This has caused a rapid growth of sales for all of the apps marketers and has also caused the company to save at least 30% of its payment returns.

Mobile Apps Marketers Are Getting More Support From the Social Network This Time

The company has observed the rapid increase in sales and the good reception that the users have been giving to such strategy. This is the reason why the company is extending its support and allows the marketers to publish their ads on the users’ news feeds page.

“We are finding great success in really growing the mobile app install business.” This was the statement released by Deb Liu about the new feature. She is one of the head officials of the company and has expressed that downloading free applications and buying paid applications on the network site makes both parties a winner.

It is very prominent for the social network company to give apps marketers a bigger chance in monetizing their formulated applications and promote it all the more. The company allows the marketers to have access to the data of the users like their email addresses, phone number and offline information without threatening their security and privacy.

This strategy is expected to be very successful like the Graph Search Feature that has been launched recently. It will also help promote the applications that people within the users’ networks have downloaded or purchases, which is the best and fastest way of promoting the app ads.

Now the question is, do you agree with Facebook’s strategy to allow the marketers access your information or not?

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