No More Retina Display on the Next iPad Mini – At Least, For Now

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
No More Retina Display on the Next iPad Mini – At Least, For Now


If you currently own an iPad Mini, then you could be one of the million users who are asking for a retina display on the next version of the small-sized tablet. However, Apple has first promised that the second iPad Mini should be having the same clear display with the bigger iPads.

Unfortunately, reports are circulating that the company is having a hard time in producing thousands of screens to have a retina display. It’s currently negotiating with its suppliers if it will be able to supply at least a few of such display to support the next mini tablet. It only means that the release of the next iPad Mini will have to be next year or if not, then we will not experience an iPad Mini as clear as the bigger iPads.

Too Much Pressure on Apple This Time

No More Retina Display on the Next iPad Mini – At Least, For NowApple is reported to be much pressured in releasing the next iPad Mini with a retina screen. It might just be too late for Apple because a lot of its rival companies have already released tablets that surpass the capacity of the iPad Mini. Also, we can’t help but mention that these rival tablets have better and much clearer screens.

The standard-sized iPads obviously have this feature, but we all know that its strong rivals also offer the same feature. It may not have retina screens, but have tablets that have impressive screens.

Let’s take Nexus 7 for example, which is a rising tablet from Google. It’s also running Android and has a screen with very exceptional display quality. There’s also one from Amazon, which is also the rising competitor of Apple this time, also has Kindle Fire HDX. From the name itself, you can expect that it will be able to deliver crisp and vibrant quality of images.


We also need to recognize that China and Korea have existing small and big electronic companies, which continue to release impressive tablets of high quality.

All of these are considered to be the threats of Apple. However, it seems as though Apple would like to stick to its plan and maintain its reputation. That is to manufacture high-end devices.

LG, Samsung and Sharp Electronics Offered Help to Apple

If reports are true, it should be a shame for Apple. It has been reported that the giant electronics company, which is Samsung has offered its assistance to partner with Apple in supplying it with retina screens.

LG Display and Sharp Corporation also extended its support to the company according to some reports. However, the three companies have never released any statement to confirm the reports. Apple on the other hand, has remained quiet about it and never released any confirmation.

Apple has announced before that it will be releasing the iPad Mini with a retina display anytime soon. The company was expressing that it targets to release such device before the year ends. But, it has come to most of our conclusion that the company might not be able to make it. It even comes clear that the said release should be finalized next year if the goal is to have iPad Minis with retina screen displays.

The next iPad Mini is also hoped to have a lower price as it’s not complementing with what its competitors can offer. Furthermore, we may not be able to expect such thing from the company like the way expected from the iPhone 5C, which still has a very high price.

Do you think Apple can make it to the deadline or it would be better for the company to release another iPad Mini without a retina display again?

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