Rumored iPhone Game Controller Photos Leak; Logitech Still Mum

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
Rumored iPhone Game Controller Photos Leak; Logitech Still Mum


We might see an iPhone game controller soon. However, there is still no formal announcement from Logitech. But photos of its rumored iPhone game controller already leaked on the internet even without their official launching. A lot of game pad manufacturers are already working on producing hardware for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Although it has been known for months, there are still no official announcement for anyone from them except for one. The ClamCase company already showed off their design of a future Apple device game controller which is still under testing and research and will be available soon. The company showed a game controller attached on an iPad Mini. With the leaked photos of a rumored game controller from Logitech, it seems like we will be able to see a good competition among game hardware manufacturers for being the number one iOS game controller maker.


More Details About the Rumored Logitech iPhone Game Controller

Rumored iPhone Game Controller Photos Leak; Logitech Still MumLogitech is still silent about what they are brewing for Apple devices. However, it looks like there is someone who already peeped in there game laboratories. In a photo posted and leaked by Evleaks, an iPhone Game Controller which is probably already finished is shown. The photo shows game pad attached on an iPhone 5s. The controller shown in the image have a D-pad, shoulder buttons and four action buttons to together with a large button that seems like a pause control. A back portion of the game controller was also shown and it appears that it has a cut out part to enable the camera from being used with the game controller still attached. The cut out can also serve as a support in ejecting the phone from the game pad. The company did not comment on the photos leaked.

iOS 7 Opens Gates for Better Game Controllers for Apple Devices

A lot of game controllers have been made for Apple devices years ago. However, these require some special workarounds and some specific support from more developers to work. With the announcement and release of iOS 7, game controller manufacturers will now be able to produce independent and improved hardware for iOS devices since the new platform formally supports the use of such controllers to enhance the gaming experience of its users.

Do you think an iPhone game controller will be a great addition to your phone?

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