It’s Now Safe to Buy Secondhand Smartphones – Convinced?

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
It’s Now Safe to Buy Secondhand Smartphones – Convinced?


There are a lot of reasons why consumers would opt to buy secondhand smartphones. Most of the time, these transactions are done through the internet without conversing with the seller personally.

But, there are also a lot of reasons why we are all discouraged to buy secondhand smartphones from online sellers who post their devices in the internet. One major reason is that the smartphone you’ll buy could be stolen or are marked as blacklisted by the government.

Canada Is the First to Implement a Security Strategy to Guard Consumer’s Welfare

Dated September 30, the Canadian government in cooperation with a certain agency announced the format that consumers can take advantage of. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is in fact the agency that is responsible for formulating and promoting such strategy.

The agency also strongly encourages millions of users to follow the same strategy. This can be made possible if all of the wireless carriers will participate and enroll each of its smartphones in a certain security registry format to help strengthen the security of the smartphone handlers.

This is in connection with Canada’s participation in the program that was developed by the U.S. government a year ago. It was a program managed and formulated by the GSM Association. It is a wireless format that is being used in the U.S. to block smartphones of American consumers that were stolen. It was implemented a year ago and Canada has a better strategy this time.

It’s Now Safe to Buy Secondhand Smartphones – Convinced?


The IMEI Number Is the Only Way to Protect Your Stolen Smartphones

We must admit that most of the transactions right now occur on the internet and sad to say, we are not strongly protected as we think. However, Canadian government deserves a thumb up for implementing such strategy in order to protect its citizens from buying blacklisted smartphones.

Consumers need to check the status of the smartphone they’re going to buy by visiting the website It’s a must that the seller gives you the IMEI number of the smartphone you’re going to buy and check its status on the website.

If in any case the smartphone was reported as stolen, then you’re blessed enough to still be able to cancel the transaction. The seller must be able to freely provide the IMEI number to you. Automatically cancel the transaction if he or she won’t be able to provide you one, which should be considered a sign too.

Again, Canada is considered to be the first country in the world to implement such strategy. The cases of reported stolen devices have increased so high in the past few years and led the government to formulate a strategy to at least, prevent users from being scammed.

The consumers can also report their stolen smartphones and have it marked as blacklisted. It can be done by informing the wireless carriers about the situation and the stolen smartphone will be marked as blacklisted. This is not to discourage everyone from buying secondhand smartphones. But, this is just a strategy to keep everyone safe from any illegal activities.

Do you think it’s now safer to buy secondhand smartphones or would you rather buy a brand new instead?

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