Intel and Sony: Ready to Kill Netflix With Its Internet TV Services

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
Intel and Sony: Ready to Kill Netflix With Its Internet TV Services


Is this the end for Netflix? The newest plan of Intel and Sony might affect the success ratings of Netflix and the likes of the kind of service that it brings to the consumers. According to several surveys, more and more citizens are enrolling their subscriptions in internet streaming services. However, it doesn’t affect the sales rate of cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and also DirectTV.

Intel Will Soon Launch Its First Ever Internet Streaming Service

Intel and Sony: Ready to Kill Netflix With Its Internet TV ServicesIt seems like Netflix and other forms of internet streaming services are going to have a bigger competitor in the market. As mentioned, Intel and Sony have its separate plans in launching its own stream services.

For Intel, its project plan is called OnCue. Earlier this year, Intel announced that it will be launching OnCue to the television market before the year ends. However, a recent report has confirmed that the company will be able to launch it during the first quarter of the next year.

Intel is aiming to give a solution to all of the problems that subscribers are experiencing from cable providers like Comcast. It has been reported that American subscribers are complaining much about the kind of service that they’re getting and that the customer service skills of its people are disappointing.


The main goal of Intel is to clearly solve all of those problems for the customers and have them switch to its newest internet TV streaming service. The consumers will be able to choose the episode of whatever show they would want to watch anytime and anywhere. The service will allow the subscribers to watch shows using their laptops, tablets and even personal devices like the smartphones.

Sony’s Internet Streaming Service Can Be Watched Through the PlayStation

Apparently, you will only be able to make use of Sony’s internet streaming service by using the PlayStation device. Intel and Sony seem to have the same goals in pursuing its ambition in releasing the most convenient internet streaming services.

Sony has not released any statement yet about its project. But it remains to be true that the internet streaming service will be available for use with the PlayStation gaming device before it will be available for other Sony devices.

Intel on the other hand, has not yet confirmed as to when it will release its internet streaming service. It is said that the head officials are still in doubt if it will be able to bring a great impact to the consumers. To test its success, the company is aiming to reach at least 3 million subscribers in three years before they can call the project to be a successful one.

Sony for now is currently looking and meeting with other TV show providers to partner with. It has been reported that Sony already got the nod for partnership with Viacom. Viacom is the producer of Nickelodeon and MTV, which are two of the hit channels today.

Furthermore, we are still waiting for the next announcement of Intel and Sony in the coming months. Once the programs are released, would you dare to leave your current cable provider and switch to Intel and Sony’s streaming services?

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