The Steam Controller Is Expected to Rock the Gamers’ World

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
The Steam Controller Is Expected to Rock the Gamers’ World


If you’re a part of the gaming world, then you will definitely love this news because it’s about the Steam Controller. Valve has finally revealed some of the major details of the device, which is set to be released very soon.

The Steambox consoles are set to be released this year or early next year. The company has divided the launching of the product into three and the last was the Steam Controller. We can say that it’s far from what we’ve been expecting because it exceeded so much of our expectations.

This Is a Totally Different Gamepad

The Steam Controller Is Expected to Rock the Gamers’ WorldIt’s a standard information that the controller can only be used on any of the Steam gaming devices. It’s also confirmed that it can never be used with other gaming devices, which makes it a greater rival for Xbox One and PlayStation.

If we refer to the images of the said controller, the user will have to ditch joysticks this time and get used to track pads. It has two track pads that replace the joysticks that are used by normal controllers. It can be operated by using both of the thumbs of the player and it is said to be very comfortable and more sensitive.


The gamepad is also powered by haptics. These are small electro-magnets that will follow the commands of the user by recognizing the movement of his or her thumbs on the track pads. These are also the factors that make the track pads more sensitive and respond faster to the commands.

A Controller With a Touch Screen Surface – Amazing!

Who would have thought that a game pad will have a touch screen surface? It has been made possible by Steam and the Steam Controller is confirmed to have a touch screen surface. It will allow the user to multitask while in the middle of playing a game.

The touch screen surface is the replacement of all the buttons that have different functions in a normal game controller. However, there are still buttons with certain functions, but are placed at the back of the controller. This is intended to prevent the user from drawing half its attention whenever there’s a need to press a button.

Valve is able to provide a very reliable and efficient map of the controller to the public. It has a total of 16 buttons, but all are placed at a location that is most convenient to the user. Gamers will also have to wait for Valve’s announcement because it is said to give away at least 300 of the gamepads once it’s launched. The lucky winners will be picked from the gamers who are very much interested to be able to test the device.

The Steam Controller has track pads instead of joysticks, would you prefer using such kind of pad or not?

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