Twitter Will Become a Public Company by Filing Its IPO in Days

Jaycee De Guzman October 2, 2013 0
Twitter Will Become a Public Company by Filing Its IPO in Days


All ears and eyes everyone for Twitter is going to have a big announcement to share this week. However, it has already been confirmed that the social media platform will soon be sharing its success with the public.

According to a reliable source gathered by Quartz, the company has admitted that it has already completed all of the paper works needed to finish for a particular process. It has been confirmed as well that this process is to prepare the company to release and file its IPO very soon, and we mean really soon. If the situation permits, the company will be able to release and start trading with the public this week, right before Thanksgiving Day.

What Difference Will IPO Filing Bring to the Social Media Platform?

Twitter Will Become a Public Company by Filing Its IPO in DaysIPO stands for Initial Public Filing or is simply the process or event of launching the company to the public stock market. The said filing will make Twitter a public company and will allow normal citizens to invest and have a share of its stocks in the market.

It will help the company to monetize or generate more capital to continue running. It will also help the investors to earn and share whatever profit the company will be getting. In that case, it’s going to be a Win-Win situation for both parties.


The social media platform will be one of the few big companies that have already opened its stock market sharing to the general public.

When Will We Be Able to Invest – How Soon Can It Be?

This September, the company has released a statement that it has decided to share its stock to the public. This statement was released last September 12, but that was still an initial statement to formally announce the great news.

At that time, Twitter has also announced that it has submitted its requirements to the SEC confidentially and that we only have to wait for the final announcement very soon.

The company has admitted that it wasn’t an easy process for the organization. There were a lot of things to consider and processes to take in order to successfully complete the filing. However, the company has confirmed that it will be sharing its stocks to the public before the year ends.

The company is very careful in filing its IPO because it doesn’t want to interrupt with the other companies that are also filing its IPOs to the SEC. One of the company’s we’re talking about is its ultimate rival, which is Facebook. Furthermore, if you’re an investor, would you invest and grab a share of Twitter’s stocks too?

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