Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330

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Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330


These days, different gadgets with different purposes come out almost every single day. Before, the market only sells regular disc players which do not really have too much to offer its users. Now, the market is selling products with more features and expanded functionality. The Sony BDP-S3100 and LG Electronics BP330, for example, are both Blu-ray disc players with an included Wi-Fi connectivity. In this review, let us take a look at the more specifications these two devices have that customers should find useful.

Device Information

Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330The Sony BDP-S3100, of which the official name is Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-ray Disc Player with Super Wi-Fi, is only one of the three models of the said company’s newly developed disc players. It has an optical drive which is fully protected and reduces dust accumulation. The wireless connectivity is made to be used to access media streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Crackle, Amazon Instant as well as YouTube.

Meanwhile, the LG Electronics BP330 Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-In Wi-Fi, also known as the LG Electronics BP330, is one of the two models of the said company’s line up of disc players. It has its own unique feature which is called the “private sound mode” that lets users use their smartphone to listen to whatever they are watching on their Blu-ray players. It can be achieved by downloading a mobile application and making it as an alternative headphone.

Physical Description

Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330In terms of its physique, the Sony BDP-S3100 measures 1.6 x 7.8 x 11.4 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds with a display height of 2.82 inches. The entire device will require two AA batteries which will be provided in the standard package. It comes in black color while sporting a geometrical looking design that could either be attractive or ugly depending on the customers.

On the other hand, the LG Electronics BP330 measures 14.2 x 7.9 x 1.6 inches and weighs a heavier 3.7 pounds with a display height of 3.40 inches. This is a tabletop device which means that it is best suited to be placed on flat and rectangular surfaces. In addition, this device also comes in black color but without bearing any patterns or design.

Product Specifications

Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330Connectivity wise, the BDP-S3100 by Sony is capable of Wi-Fi, Ethernet as well as NFC. When it comes to home network media sharing, it can work with DLNA and PC Streaming. There are also audio decoders which are built internally and includes Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and DTS-HD. It has additional multimedia features which include the BD-Live and BonusVIEW. If users downloaded the SideView application for their smartphones and tablets, they can use it to alternatively stream content from their disc players. It also allows direct social media interaction wherein users can immediately post about what movies they are watching and music they are listening.


In an alternative note, the BP330 by LG Electronics only has Wi-Fi as its internal connectivity. However, it is capable of accessing more online streaming services which consist of Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Video, AccuWeather and CinemaNow. It has a home network media sharing ability courtesy of DLNA while supporting an NTSC media format. In addition, this device works with DVD+R, BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD, CD-R, CD, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and CD-RW media types. When playing videos, it can upscale resolution to the maximum size of 1080p. Lastly, the audio system consists of a stereo output with formats including Dolby Digital, DTS digital, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus.

Price Details

Specs Comparison: Get Your Own Sony BDP-S3100 or LG Electronics BP330The Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-ray Disc Player with Super Wi-Fi is being sold at $87.07 on Amazon, $89.99 in the official store of Sony and $99.99 at Sears. Considering that these prices are just about a hundred dollars, it is still cheap compared to the prices of other devices.

Almost similarly, the LG Electronics BP330 Blu-ray Disc Player with Built-In Wi-Fi is $89.00 on Amazon as well as BuyDig and $89.99 at Dell. Compared to Sony’s disc player and on the average, this device is slightly more expensive but only with a small difference.


The Sony BDP-S3100 has better wireless features and social media options that users can explore when they are playing videos or music. However, it only has lesser online streaming services. This means that this is only great in doing the standard tasks of a Blu-ray disc player. On the other hand, the LG Electronics BP330 has more online streaming services that users can sign up when they are working online. It also has a wider range of compatible media type while its “private sound mode” feature added plus points to its functionality. Without thinking too much about the price tags, are you willing to buy one or maybe even two of these Blu-ray and Wi-Fi enabled disc players?

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