Forecast: Google’s Devices Might Be Way Ahead of Apple Inc. Soon

Sara Cunningham February 26, 2013 0
Forecast: Google’s Devices Might Be Way Ahead of Apple Inc. Soon

Suddenly technology evolved and now we are in the world of computers. This is already a world of high-end technology, in which almost every month a new innovation comes out. Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and many other leading companies seem to never run out of adrenaline rush for invention. The world used to know a big heavy desktop computer. The computer that stays in one place, but everything has changed. Now, hundreds of developments in technology are yet to come.

Let us take Apple Inc. for example; the company started all these innovations coming in from time to time. How about Google? Who wouldn’t love to wear one of those sleek spectacles? Who would ever think wearing a gear would look great and impressive? The Google Glass is yet to be released in limited number later this year. Google gives everyone a chance to get to design one of those glasses. Many design proposals are submitted for the Explorer edition. $1,500 awaits the design that will be chosen and will get to have one for his own. At the same time, Google is looking forward to a possible partnership with Warby Parker.

Forecast: Google’s Devices Might Be Way Ahead of Apple Inc. Soon

Warby Parker exclusively designed Chromebook’s latest release, the Pixel. The Pixel was concluded to level the MacBook Air’s simple yet very elegant design. It is reported that Apple Inc. is supposed to close a deal with a designer to create the same product as Google’s Glass. It could be possible that the creators who are now busy developing iWatch could also be the team currently developing Apple’s “Glass” version. An article by writer Tim Beyers was published and was posted on The article was entitled “Suddenly, Apple Is Losing Its Design Edge.” The article might be a wake-up call to the iEmpire to release better than what it is today.

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