Augmented Reality Glasses From Japan Threaten Google Glass

Jaycee De Guzman October 3, 2013 0
Augmented Reality Glasses From Japan Threaten Google Glass


A large Japanese electronics company has just revealed its device to beat Google’s The Glass, it’s another augmented reality glasses. However, it may not be able to perform the other exciting feature of the glass by Google.

The remarkable augmented reality glasses were being revealed during the Japanese Gadget Fair. It’s expected to be available for use during the next Olympics to be held in Japan. It is said to be readily used by tourists who will be visiting Japan during the Tokyo Olympics in Japan a few years from now. But, it has already showcased its features during the gadget fair.

It Has Features That Are Focused to Make Tourists’ Lives Easier

Augmented Reality Glasses From Japan Threaten Google GlassNTT DOCOMO is the company that is responsible and to thank for in bringing Japanese augmented reality spectacles in the world of technology. NTT Docomo explained and elaborated clearly the features of the spectacles to the consumers and the press who attended the gadget fair.

It works as a camera and a computer as well. It can perform some of the tasks that the Google Glass can offer. But, it has a feature that most attendees find interesting. It will be able to translate any foreign language to the native language spoken by the user.

This is the reason why these spectacles are promoted to be the best friend of the tourists as soon as it is readily available in the market. A tourist can freely roam around the country, dine at any restaurant or read any documents in a foreign language without any doubt and confusion. The augmented spectacles will automatically translate whatever the menu says or whatever a book reads in the paper.

“Character recognition technology enables instant language translation for users travelling abroad and reading restaurant menus and other documents.”


Stated above is the statement released by one of the representatives of NTT Docomo during the fair. It was the time when the gadget was introduced at an event called CEATEC in Japan.

In a country that is monolingual, this is another big step for the company to help boost the tourism of the place. More and more tourists will decide to visit Japan because everything will be understandable in a place where signs are in Japanese and the people are speaking only its native language.

The Spectacles Can Turn Any Flat Surface Into a Touch Screen Surface

Augmented Reality Glasses From Japan Threaten Google GlassThere’s nothing better than having a touch screen panel anywhere you want. The augmented reality glasses can instantly turn a flat surface into a touch screen panel. Whenever needed, the user can face any flat surface or wall and the images or tags to tap on the screen will be reflected on the wall.

However, it’s amazing that the user is the only one that can see the images and what makes it more interesting to use.

There are also other features that have been finalized to be included in the augmented reality spectacles. The company is also in the middle of developing more features that can catch-up to be included before the spectacles will be officially available in the market. The facial recognition feature is already included as one of the special features of the device and was also showcased during the launch.

NTT Docomo is one of the biggest independent electronics company in Japan. It also provides mobile and wireless support to the people of Japan. It has all the funds and means to develop more advancement in technology. The company is beginning to be known to the world and its new spectacles could be a threat to Apple.

Do you think more consumers will opt for a Docomo augmented reality glasses or go for a high-breed one from Apple?

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