Company Investors Want Gates Out of Microsoft Soon Next to Ballmer

Jaycee De Guzman October 3, 2013 0
Company Investors Want Gates Out of Microsoft Soon Next to Ballmer


According to some reports, a considerable number of the company’s biggest shareholders want Bill Gates out of Microsoft realms. After Steve Ballmer officially announced his retirement from the company, top Microsoft investor are also targeting Gates to step down as the chairman of the company. These are probably the ones who were more than happy after Ballmer’s retirement announcement. Now, they want his mentor to follow his steps going out of the company. If the reports are really true, then it will be the first that resignation calls were made against Bill Gates who found the company. Investors are known long time ago to be vocal with their wishes for the company.

Investors Calling for Gates’ Resignation Still Unknown

Company Investors Want Gates Out of Microsoft Soon Next to BallmerFrom the reports stating information about calls for Gates’ resignation, it at appears that those investors belong to the top shareholders of the company. According to rumors, three of the top 20 company shareholders are wanting Gates out of Microsoft. These three shareholders constitute an estimated five percent of the outstanding stock of the company. As of this writing, these three investors are still unidentified as they wished to remain unknown to the public. At the present, Gates’ power inside the company is very influential. Aside from being the Microsoft chairman, he is also the largest individual stockholder of the company. He is currently holding a 4.5 percent share of the Microsoft company.


Gates’ Ouster Will Boost Microsoft Stocks Says Analysts

One of the predicted reasons why some investors want Gates out of Microsoft is because the company’s stocks. According to some analysts, the appointment of better capital allocators after the resignation of Gates and Ballmer will put a big additional value to the stocks of Microsoft. Stocks are expected to hit $40 if in case the resignation of these two company heads will push through. Those angry investors calling for their resignation are the ones who are really pushing for radical changes in the company. They are dissatisfied mainly how these two college buddies are running the company. When Gates resigned as CEO, he turned over the position to Ballmer and served as the chairman of the company.

Gates and Ballmer Failed to Steer Company to Changing Industries

This is the sentiment of analysts and investors. According to them, these two college buddies who are leading the company do not really bring the company where it should be. Some of them even think that Gates is a big wall blocking the implementation of changes that are part of the company’s transformation in order to cope up with changing industries. The company was observed to be so much focused with the PC market while ignoring the budding mobile device market years ago. Now, the company is struggling in gathering a significant share of the ripe market for smartphones and tablets. Microsoft’s recent products failed to do so which pressured Ballmer to announce his resignation.

Do you see Gates out of Microsoft in the future?

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